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Zumba Hen Party

Posted by laura on November 20 2013.

Zumba Hen PartyBy Tara-Lou Cloverton (Bristol)

‘Zumba Hen Party…Really?!’ Yeah, well, that’s what I said too when I was booked to teach a Zumba Hen Party in Bristol at the end of March.

I have been with Polestars for a long time…almost from the very beginning and I have had my fair share of craziness from head office over the last 8 years (love you guys). But when this booking rolled in I did wonder: ARE YOU COMPLETELY BONKERS?!!!

Zumba Hen Party – Unexpected yet hilarious

I have been a dancer and fitness instructor for a long time and became a licenced Zumba Instructor last October, not wanting to miss out on the latest trend in crazy fitness fun. You have probably heard of Zumba, you may have taken a Zumba class. You may have heard that it is a Latin-Inspired Dance Fitness class which some claim can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. Zumba classes are taken by over 12,000,000 people EVERY WEEK!! And you probably recognise their trademark “Ditch the Workout…Join the Party” Slogan.

What you probably haven’t heard is that it makes a freaking A-MAZING Hen Party!

 Zumba Hen Party – Getting prepared to teach it

Preparing for my class in the week running up to the party, I sat down with my ipod and note pad and wondered how I could craft a 2 hour class that would be: 1) Fun 2) Entertaining 3) In-line with Polestars renowned Dance Hen Parties and the final requirement, the girls would survive to the end of a 2 hour Zumba class without passing out from exhaustion!

Zumba Hen Party – Lesson Format

We spent the first hour dancing like crazy to my class play list, taking our time and breaking down the steps in each routine so everyone followed it easily. For the second hour, I took a calculated “dancers risk”. I presented the Hen with 5 latin-inspired songs and asked her to choose her favourite. So, armed with “Samba De Janeiro (insanely fast BTW), I crafted a bespoke and original FORMATION SHOW ZUMBA ROUTINE!

Zumba Hen Party – Class Feedback

Fabulous Fun! Sexy Shapes! GIGGLING! DANCING! HAVING AN EPIC TIME! And we even ended the routine with a Cheerleader-esque pyramid. Amazeballs! It was just such a good laugh, everyone (including me) had a brilliant time and the girls had a videoed routine to remember it by.

If you are looking for a new twist on a classic Hen Party Activity…I urge you to…DITCH THE WORKOUT…JOIN THE (HEN) PARTY!

Blog: http://realdancefitness.blogspot.com/
f: Tara-Lou Cloverton
Group: Zumba @ Junction 24
T: @TattyTwilight

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