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How to make your hen night unforgettable

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

hen night party drinks foodWhether you choose to celebrate your hen night home or abroad, making it a night to remember would be the highest on your agenda list. If you are the chief bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding, then the chances that you will plan the hen party are high. Many people tend go away for the hen weekend or have a really big party in town but whatever type of hen night you choose what is most paramount is having lots of fun on your hen night thereby making it a hen night to remember. If you are still considering what hen party ideas to choose for your hen night then worry no more. Our hen parties are tailored for everyone from different walks of life. You can make your best mate hen night unforgettable simply by following these tips put together from experience.

Get the time and date sorted early– The brides friends and family will need time to get the date  clear on their diary. The first thing you need to get started with is the time and date. It is advisable to use a hen party expert in booking best suited venues for your activities on that hen night foodday. Once these big details are sorted you will find that the smaller things will all drop into place. The important thing is that all of the key people are there, so make ‘save the date’ cards so nobody is in any doubt.

The food – once the date, venue and time is sorted out, think about the food, if you having the hen night in a hotel or a food bar then that should be all sorted. However, if it’s a house party then consider having an experienced caterer to prepare and serve the food. Remember to prepare food that appeals to the attendees and not just food only you enjoys. Also for the food, do not forget to consult the bride-to-be, because it’s all about her and no one else.

Make it different – This is when you should think of what will make the hen night special and different. Your best mate deserves a treat so think about what she loves the most and incorporate it in her hen night. If she likes Beyoncé, you could organise a single ladies dance party, or if she’s into games, you could play different types of hen party games on her hen night. It totally depends on what she loves the most and how to can add your touch as well to get something special. Remember only you can make your best mate hen night party unforgettable so make the most of it.

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