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Your hen night- Good vs Bad (Good Girl Gone bad)

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

He finally asked you to the long awaited question- you now getting busy preparing hen party ideas for your special wedding day. Remember your days of freedom are numbered, make the most of it.  You are planning your hen night, great! A big task is ahead of you and you want to narrow the choices down to few you could discuss with your close friends and family attending.

The good Vs bad girl hen night


hen night party

Your last days of singlehood is coming to an end. There are lots of choices of hen parties you can choose for your hen night. You can all go out for a girly outing to know each other more, the choice is yours. However if you are a daring bride and want to try out a party that will never be forgotten, there are some ideas for you.

Well a fun party is full of antics; life drawing classes is a good example. This is the perfect chance to ogle over a hot guy for an hour striking any pose you require. This is a less conventional hen idea, the kind of party that will never be forgotten. Or if you want to try out something even more daring, naked butlers are there for you. Get a group of cheeky but gorgeous lads serve you and your friends’ drinks and light up the rooms with their personalities. This is the chance to flirt around with some really hot dudes on the planet-it can’t get better for your hen night.

If you want to take some sexual skills away with you then a flirt and seduce hen party is perfect for your hen night. This is definitely not for theflir and seduce hen night party shy. Brush up on your sex education and learn some new tricks to last well into marriage! Starting with a fun introductory class to the world of sex and leading onto hilarious and saucy games. If you are concerned about scaring your hobby with your new super tricks, you could have a light hearted induction but watch out for your guest who wants more.

Ok let’s talk about the good girl hen party. There are tones classy hen ideas that will fall under my good girl party category. Dance classes comes in different types and gives an opportunity to burn calories for your wedding dress –who doesn’t? Whatever theme of dance is, Pole dancing is for hens that fancy a spin and probably want to add sexiness in a good way. However, Single ladies is for the Beyoncé’s lovers who want to pull off the pop star daring dance moves.

Alternatively if you could try getting your hands messy, chocolate making or cupcake decorating hen party is definitely for you. Who turns down cupcakes anyways? And if you need any help panning your hen party then polestars should be your best friend.

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