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Would you wear a colourful wedding dress?

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

It doesn’t always have to be white. You can make your wedding a bit more colourful with your colourful wedding dress. I don’t know about you but I can feel a trend coming soon involving some colourful wedding dresses. There are so many inspiring opportunities to break the mold of the traditional white gown with a colourful creation. There are many inspiring colourful wedding dresses collections I thought it appropriate to put together some of my favorite colourful wedding dresses and give a bit of encouragement to those who want to bring something different to their wedding day!

       Some favourite colourful wedding dress

colourful wedding dresses

Do you fancy this beautiful red wedding dress?
colourful wedding dresses

Ok here is a variety of colours for you to choose from.
colourful wedding dresses

what about a mixture of white and red?

colourful wedding dresses

About 80% of bride still gets married in white or creme colours but I reckon it’s interesting to see the few brides that add creativity to their wedding with interesting bright colours. Moreover, Colours has been constant for hen parties and if you don’t have an idea of what to do for your hen party, check out our exciting hen party ideas.

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