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Why have a dance party?

Posted by Andrew Wilson on April 15 2014.

dance party

Dance party is social meeting where dancing is the primary activity. It is normally a fun and energetic party.  A dance party is great way of exercising which helps you build confidence.  If you are too embarrassed to dance in public or dance with friends then you may be missing out on energetic fun party with family and friends. Practicing dance moves at home and dressing the part will enable you prepare for that special dance party. Most importantly, dancing is all about feeling the rhythm, letting your body loose and going with the flow.

So why have a dance party or participate in one


There are different reasons why people have dance parties but most of them have same benefits. Below are the major benefits of dance parties.

For relaxation

Apart from the physical benefits like exercise that keeps you flexible and makes you feel confident, Dance party is a fun way to relax from your normal day to day activities and stress of work which makes you have a good time.

Dancing makes you stay healthy

Dancing is one of the most interesting physical activity which helps you keep physically and mentally fit. It allows you exercise your body while having fun. When dancing your cardiovascular system improves and you burn calories.


Dancing is a great way to express yourself. Dancing mostly provides an emotional outlet that allows you reflect your feelings through body movements with passion. This will put you at ease and happy.

How to boost your confidence for a dance party

Will the dance party be filled with strangers? Yes I understand that sometimes could be a complete nightmare for shy people who find it difficult to dance in midst of strangers.  But here are some tips for you to feel confident and rock the dance floor.

  • Practise at home – you can start by perfecting your dance moves at home, could be in front of a mirror. You can practice in front of the person you are most comfortable with. This will help you boost your confidence.


  • Try to make new friends at the party. Interact with people as much as you can. If you can, volunteer to be part of the welcoming team. This will make you feel at ease and it will create a comfortable atmosphere for you.


  • At the actual party, join the dance as soon as you can. This will give you a sense of belonging and will put you at ease with the atmosphere.


Dancing is a skill that will stay with you forever. Dance parties will allow you meet new interesting people, have fun while you exercise and socialize. So why not learn how to dance now and love dance forever. If you are interested why not check out our dance hen parties.

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