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Why choose Glamping for the Perfect Hen Weekend

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.
Why choose Glamping -  Food

Why choose Glamping – Food

Why choose Glamping ? Planning a Hen Party for the bride-to-be can be an exciting job, but it can also be a stressful one.  If you’re the chief bridesmaid, sister or trusty friend appointed this role it’s a great chance to show the Hen just how much you think of her.  But with all the enthusiasm in the world, the reality of choosing an activity or theme to suit all the Hens isn’t an easy task.  If you want your Hen Do to be the one talked about over lattes for months to come, you’ll need more than another Saturday night out, plus a couple of ‘L’ plates and a tiara.  Traditionally, this is your Hen’s last night of freedom so give her the time of her life and mark it with the most fashionable Hen Party idea for 2012.  A glamorous camping trip, also known as Glamping, is a fabulous bonding activity for your group and more stylish than you could ever imagine.

Why choose Glamping?

Whether your own camping memories are made of teenage adventures, family holidays or a romantic escape, camping opens up a landscape of delightful prospects and creates memories at every turn.  There is something you can absorb from immersing yourself in nature and a sense of achievement from mastering the most primitive of skills that can so easily be missed in our hectic lifestyles.  The concept of Glamping allows for all of these simple pleasures, just made a little more comfortable, a little more convenient and a whole lot more glamorous!

If you love the ideals – cocktails at dusk freshly made with the juiciest wild berries, gathered with friends around the inviting campfire made by your own fair hands, lanterns adorning the surrounding trees under a canopy of starlight – yet the prospect of planning, let alone successfully executing such a trip is so daunting that a sunshine package holiday will always be the concluding choice, then it’s time for a change.  Or maybe you are a seasoned camper, in which case you’ll know that every trip brings new experiences and that a whole world of adventure, inspiring discoveries and heavenly relaxation is waiting at your welly-clad feet.  Glamping, or luxury camping, has evolved to become a viable and attractive travel concept and a chic, original choice for a memorable Hen Weekend.

Why choose Glamping? – Part of the appeal of Glamping, aside from the enjoyment aspect, is that in today’s financial climate, it offers a stylishly unique way to get away without sacrificing any of the quality of your break.  The drive or train-journey to the growing choice of sites throughout the UK doesn’t incur the type of costs that travelling to destinations further afield can, which is significant considering an increased number of Britons chose to holiday at home in 2011 compared with the previous year, a number which is expected to increase in reflection of the second wave of the recession.  There is also the environmental factor to think about. Going ‘green’ is becoming more important to many of us and playing a part in our everyday lives, so don’t let this stop at your daily routine. There’s no need to fly thousands of miles when there are plenty of extraordinary landscapes waiting to be found even closer than you think.  Teamed with the global travel troubles we have faced in recent years, such as the Icelandic ash cloud and the uncontrollable natural disasters that occurred in Asia, staying a little closer to home can be considered a fun, safe, inexpensive option.

Glamping incorporates all of the elements of traditional camping, with a few twists that make it even more appealing for us modern girls.  What could be more indulgent than relaxing with a few drinks in your own on-site sauna – that warm, holiday glow that stays with you all night.  If your aims for the New Year included the usual chants of, ‘get fit’ and ‘lose weight’, kick start 2012 with all the health benefits that a Glamping trip has to offer. Embrace the unavoidable sense of spirituality by taking part in a yoga or stretching class surrounded by the tranquillity of the outdoors or take up the opportunity to fit in some exercise with a hula hooping session or team sports competition with your group.  To make the most of the setting, unleash your inner-explorer and embark on an invigorating nature walk while learning about the local wildlife and really put your survival techniques to the test with a wild food forage.  If nestling in cosy blankets was more what you had in mind, host an afternoon tea around the campfire with delicious camp-baked cakes or have a pampering session complete with facemasks, massage oils and girlie story-sharing.  If, like nearly a quarter of UK women, your New Years resolutions included learning a new skill, a Glamping weekend can offer everything from mastering how to source a fire to showing your creative side with lantern-making and spoon-carving classes.  And if none of that convinces you, the idea of learning to make your own delicious bush cocktails from freshly picked ingredients then sitting back and devouring them on a warm, blissful evening, must be tempting!

Why choose glamping? natures luxury

The key to successful Glamping is essentially, soaking up the freedom and vitality of nature, but with the calm and luxury that we all deserve on a weekend away.  Preparation is undoubtedly key in achieving this and it is true to say that the more you take with you, the richer the experience.  Polestars UK, who specialise in organising Hen Parties, provide a fantastic Glamping package which offers the amazing advantage of having two of their expert instructors on hand to guide you through your trip.  They will deal with all of the hard parts including setting up camp and preparing meals, allowing you to relax and enjoy your weekend to the full.  The expert campers will select an ideal site where accommodation options could include yurts, bell tents or geostatic domes, making everything comfortable for you and tending to your every need!  Polestars can tailor the trip to you and your group as much as you like, depending on what kind of getaway you are after.  The possibilities really are endless and what could be a better way to spend quality time with your Hens than by going back to basics.

Don’t limit the luxuries to being abroad, they are all right here for us to enjoy.  Bring tourism home this year, soak up the exuberance of the outdoors, close your eyes and take in the aromas of those balmy summer evenings.  So why choose Glamping?  its a  wonderfully different approach to escaping from city life, glamour and camping go hand in hand on this fantastic Hen adventure.

Visit the Polestars website for more information on their superb Glamping Experience. or for more inspiration have a look at our pintrest board

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