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Who should I invite to my hen party?

Organising a hen party can be almost as stressful as organising the wedding! Everybody wants to get involved and lots of people have lots of different opinions on what you should do. If you are not one of the lucky brides-to-be who have managed to palm this stressful task off onto your maid of honour then you will want as much useful advice as you can get! We’ve come up with the perfect activities for when you ask yourself: who should I invite to my hen party?

One of the problems that a lot of people face when organising their hen party or weekend is whether or not to invite family along. Now, you may have the sort of family who are well up for anything so this won’t be an issue for you. However if, like most of us, your Gran is insisting on coming along but doesn’t want to hear any ‘blue language’ or see any nudity, then you may want to think about organising two separate parties.

You may think organising two hen parties will be added labour, but that is where you are wrong. Having a separate friend party and family party will make life so much simpler because of these reasons:

      • Your family may not have anything in common with your friends
      • Planning one night to suit lots of different people is a lot harder than organising two nights to suit two groups of people
      • If you embarrass easily and your friends plan something a little close to the mark you probably won’t want your Mum there

Here is a quick guide to help you organise two separate hen parties whilst keeping everybody happy and ensuring you as little stress as possible!

Who should I invite to my hen party? Party with your friends

You are more than likely going to want to party with your friends.  Your friends are also going to want a lot of involvement in the organising of this, mainly so they can assure that some usual hen party antics are in place. If you want to keep your family separate from this you must make sure that whoever is handling the invites knows this. If it is you who is dealing with the guest list make sure that you let everybody understand the deal so that nobody feels left out.

Who should I invite to my hen party? - a seduction class with friendsWho should I invite to my hen party? - pole dance with friends

It is with your friends that you will probably be most relaxed so you will be more up for more adventurous activities. Check out some of Polestars activities where you can really let your hair down! Our Seduction Class is an awfully cheeky activity that will teach you all about the male anatomy and will have you open up about all of your wildest fantasies before your wedding night! Definitely not one for your Gran.

Who should I invite to my hen party? Relax with your family

With your family you want to plan more relaxing activities were you can spend good quality time with your loved ones. With your family you will be much more concerned with keep everybody happy, so probably best if you do all the planning and keep everybody updated when new plans are made.

Who should I invite to my hen party? - decorate cupcakes with your familyWho should I invite to my hen party? - go chocolate making with your family

Unlike you’re hen party with your friends you don’t want to go totally wild, so keep it tame because remember that it is your family who may well be crueller and bring out the embarrassing hen night photos on your wedding day!

Polestars offer lots of family friendly hen activities such as our Chocolate Making class. Every girl, young and old, loves chocolate so this is a great activity for the ladies of your family. Spend quality bonding time with your family whilst learning new and innocent skills!


Why not use Pinterest to create two hen party mood boards? One for family, and one for friends. Once you visualise the different options you’ll easily be able to answer that tricky question; Who should I invite to my hen party?

Now with that stress off of your plate you can get back to worrying about wedding caterers, your dress, the rings and anything else that might be on your mind!

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