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What’s A Polestars Dance Party REALLY Like?

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

Polestars dance party - Grease

Want to know what a Polestars dance party is really like? Our teachers have been to hundreds of them, and so we asked Abi to tell you all about what you can expect! So…how does a Polestars dance party actually work? If I were booking the social event of the year for my friend’s hen weekend, I’d want to know that it was the real deal, right? So here’s the lowdown on how a party works, so that you can get a real feel for it…

Polestars dance party – The Lowdown

There are two types of hen party who turn up for my dance classes – those who are somewhat apprehensive about what the hell they’re doing there, and those who are absolutely hanging from the night before and know that this cannot be any worse than what they did yesterday (say no more). So the first thing we do is figure out who’s on form by getting you to fill in a worksheet letting us know if you’re feeling worse for wear or if you have any ailments we should know about – safety first, y’know! Then we show you the way to the bar so that you can freshen up with a jug of water or a tipple or two!

Then the teacher introduces herself, and gets you girls to introduce yourselves too – for many ladies, this is the first time they’ve met or all been in the same room together. Sometimes it needs a little ice breaker to get the chatter flowing! So we make a bit of a fuss of the hen before getting down to business with a fun and energetic warm up – if it’s a Grease party then a little bit of ‘We Go Together’ soon gets the heart races pulsing. I also like Pussycat Dolls tracks to kick off a Burlesque session, Cotton Eye Joe for a Line Dancing party, and a bit of Waterloo on an ABBA day. Something everyone can sing along to and really get in the mood with.

Polestars dance party – Learning the moves

We’ll soon figure out who’s coordinated and who isn’t, and that’s half the fun. So don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Strictly contestant to enjoy the party – it’s all about getting your girls together for a wiggle, not about scoring a perfect 10.

We then have some fun with basic steps, incorporating any props or accessories you might have brought along. We often have a few prop-related surprises in our bags too! And we put together some mini routines (make sure you’ve bought your cameras so that you can snap away at all the action) before getting stuck into your final routine…you’d be surprised how many people end up performing this AT their wedding! And we love filming the routine for you so that you can take it away and enjoy it for years to come. Better still, you can share it on our Facebook page so that other hens can see what on earth they’re getting themselves into!

If you’re lucky we might even award you with a certificate…which we expect you to display in pride of place in your living room of course! And we’re certain you’ll never look at a feather boa or brightly coloured legwarmer the same way again. Looking forward to seeing you on the day, ladies. Have a browse through our top picks before booking your own Polestars dance party.

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