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What type of Hen are you?

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

party dancing dancers

The Dancing queen

Depending if you and your hens have the energy then this would be great way to dance it off. If you consider yourself a dancing queen then there are a wide range of dance classes you can choose from. From the raunchy burlesque style move, sexy moves that would make any man hot and bothered and the collars. To the classic dance routines that graced our screens and have become immortalised in history. Thinking of dirty dancing and thriller in particular. Once you and your ladies have mastered the move what perfect way to show them off than on your hen night out on the dance floor bringing the whole club to a halt.


The Bartender

hen party bar drinks cocktails

Learning how to make your favourite drinks is a girls dream next to eating and not putting on weight. Organising a cocktail class or alcohol tasting session is the perfect start to a hen night out. With all the sweet flavours and colours of the rainbow.


The Creative gem

Now everybody has a hobby. From pottery, gardening, painting to life drawing. Consider yourself the next best Picasso or Da Vinci then this is for you. Using your creative mind to work delicate and intricate masterpieces requires patience and focus. Why not create something that you and your closest can keep and remember for the rest of your lives?


The gourmet chef

If you like food then having a crack at learning a new cookery skill can be fun, exciting and also the best way to enjoy a delicious cuisine or delicacy before your eventual after party or night out. Cooking can be considered quite therapeutic and even if you’re not good at it you still can have fun at it. There are a wide variety of cook schools and lessons you can do from cakes and sweets to full 3 course meals fit for a queen.


The Active explorer

explorer adventure

Are you and your ladies the free spirited running in the meadows and walking barefeet in the nature lover type? The idea of you sitting down and relaxing in one spot makes you feel restless? Then perhaps you’re the active type that needs a little competition in your life and adrenaline. Camp hen parties and outdoor trekking is now becoming the latest trend amongst a new generation of super Lara croft Indiana jones ladies who love the outdoors. Becoming one with Mother Nature has never been more attractive.


The Kardashian

You’re dress to impress and you have you best shoes and makeup on. You’re looking to get as much attention and compliments as you can possible. A makeover and photoshoot would be perfect for you to remember the moment or paparazzi experience. Have a VIP treatment with a spa for extra pleasure.

There you have it. A couple ideas for where to begin with your hen party.

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