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What Hen Party Should I Choose?

Posted by laura on March 27 2015.

What Hen Party Should I Choose?

At Polestars we like to ensure that our clients are delivered the best possible hen activity that will suit their group perfectly. We have put this guide together to relieve some of the stress of planning a hen party.

What Hen Party Should I Choose? First consider the following:

  • The age of the group – If you are all a similar age there is a good chance that you will all have similar interests. However, if the bride has invited both her eighteen year old sister and eighty year old Nan there is a good chance that what either consider to be a good time will clash. If this is the case then try to find a way to meet in the middle with something that everyone can enjoy.
  •  The fitness of the group – For certain activities you need to understand that not everybody will be able to partake. Some parties are high adrenaline activities and these will not be ideal for pregnant women, elderly members of the group or those with health problems. Check this out before you make a booking.
  •  Male friends coming along – HAG (hen and stag) parties are becoming increasingly popular in modern years. For this reason you will need to make sure that you choose an activity that will be good for both men and women.

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Dancing Hen Parties:

  •  Classy hen parties – Polestars offer a variety of dance classes that are regarded as classy hen parties. Our burlesque class is a fantastic session that teaches ladies how to be both sexy and sensual without using any straining moves. We also offer salsa classes that again teach ladies how to be sensual.  Both parties are fantastic ways to learn sexy new moves.
  •  Energetic hen parties – Some of our dance classes require a lot of energy! The classic Can-Can party is two hours’ worth of non-stop, high kicking fun! This is the same as our ‘Single Ladies’ dance class and the street dance session. Our cheerleading hen party is also non-stop but incredibly fun too. Be prepared to need a nap before hitting the town after these activities!
  •  70s and 80s hen parties – These really are a blast from the past! 70s dance classes are perfect for girls who want to be dancing queens, where the 80s parties require you to don a rah-rah skirt and some bright leg warmers. For both parties if you have a specific song that you would like to dance to then make a request when booking so our teachers can make a routine around this.
  •  Sexy hen parties – As already mentioned, the burlesque class aims to teach ladies to be sexy and sensual, the pole dancing class also offers this but with added energy! Be warned, there is a good chance that you may become addicted to this sexy routine! Our belly dancing class is always popular, and we provide the sexy belts for you to enjoy throughout your party. These classes are the ideal place to learn some new tricks to show off to the handsome-to-be!
  •  Film and Theatre hen parties – Our film and theatre hen parties are fantastic for anybody who has ever wanted to be part of the pink ladies (Grease) or has ever imagined themself dancing in a lake with Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing). Our Chicago dance party will teach you all the moves from the legendary film, and our Bollywood party will give you a greater understanding of the Bollywood culture. In our ‘make your own’ parties you can request any musical theatre class and we’ll find the teacher to suit you!

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Adventure Hen Parties:

  •  Surfing hen parties – Learn some brand new surfing skills with our fully trained surf instructors in either Devon or Newquay. After just a few hours with us you’ll be a pro!
  •  Kayaking – Explore hidden beaches and forgotten coves in this adrenaline fuelled guided tour of North Devon. This private workshop will leave you and your hens amazed with the natural wonders of the south coast.
  • Glamping ­- This is a hen party like no other! Take a weekend away in the beautiful English countryside and camp out in style in either a yurt, tepee, bell tent or wigwam. Be greeted with an afternoon tea served in vintage tea sets then settle into your luxury tent before being taken on a foraging tour of our new local area. Be prepared to have to wild cocktails made for you while you take party in glamping games. Our wonderful guides will then prepare you a gourmet dinner. Follow this with more cocktails and a session in our outside sauna.

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Relaxing hen parties;

  • Food hen parties – Polestars offer a range of food workshops that are much more relaxing experience for everyone. Our cupcake party teaches ladies how to decorate pre-made cupcakes like a professional, where our chocolate making class teaches hens the history of chocolate whilst indulging into making and testing the glorious treats.
  • Cocktail making hen party  – What hen night wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail or two… or three! Even if you have guests who don’t drink just let us know and we can ask our charming bartenders to create some tasty virgin cocktails to demonstrate for you all.

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Arts and Crafts:

  • Art hen parties – Polestars offer two art parties that are fantastic for hens. Our life drawing class is ever popular, with the charming male models and excellent tutors! Then there is a fascinator making class which can team up with our burlesque classes amazingly.

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Naughty hen parties:

  • Sex Education Classes – These are our brand new product that teaches hens everything they need to know about sex! An infusion of fun games and sexy activities, these classes are sure to impress. Not for the shy!

What Hen Party Should I Choose? – Ladies that love the limelight:

  • Make up and photo shoot hen parties – Why not start your hen night being pampered with a makeover followed by a photo shoot? Our trained makeup artists can either give you a vintage or a glam look. This takes all the pressure off of getting yourself ready and you get to walk away with a set of fantastic shots!

If you are still stuck when deciding which hen party to book you can always call our office on 020 7274 4865 for more advice.

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