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Wedding Work Out

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Wedding work out


So we are fast approaching the very end of January, bit late to start a new year’s wedding work out ? Not at all! The end of the Jan all the way up to mid February is the best times to kick start the wedding work out fitness regime. I don’t need to tell you how Christmas, or winter in general makes you feel around the waistline. What’s better motivation to loose a couple of stubborn pounds or tone up than a wedding? Whether you are a guest, bridesmaid or the stunning bride yourself everyone wants to look their best on this day, and you’ll most likely succeed if you begin now rather than January 2nd . Good news for those of you who have already given up! I’m going to point you in the direction of a couple of tools I have tried and tested that  would be helpful to your wedding work out. I have to stress this is not hardcore, I don’t believe over pushing yourself , you’l blow out.


work out Wedding work out DVD

Wedding work out Fitness DVD’s!

They work.  No doubt if you’re planning a wedding you’re budgeting well. Instead of paying £40 a month of £6 a class, pay around £13 once and do the DVD as many evenings as you can muster, no excuses its starting you in the face.  Davina IntensityDavina is the queen of springing back into shape, this DVD was designed for the busy woman, quick burst of intense works out this.is.fast! Plus there is a dedicated abs work out feature if that is your main problem area. Step Up Dance Workout – I didn’t watch the movie but I’m sure I now qualify as an extra. This video is fun, intense and I must say it requires some skill to get a full work out, but they do a good job of teaching you the techniques.



my fitness pal

Wedding work out  my Fitness Pal

I have personally re named this app my fitness BEST FRIEND! This digital food and exercise diary is the perfect tool to your fitness haul and its free! My Fitness Pal includes an impressive database (that works offline too) which knows the exact nutritional value of most supermarket, homemade and restaurant food and drinks. It also calculates your workouts for you. This is a highly sophisticated calorie counter app that really helps you stay on top of your wedding work out.



Dancing work outWedding work out Dancing

After I downloaded fitness pal I had a look at the cardiovascular section wondering on ways I could top this up (and in turn be able to eat more food!) When I discovered how many calories I could burn from just dancing in my room, I was hooked. ‘Dancing’ is too generic when you consider the many different forms so I did some of my own research to measure exactly that perfect fit of fun and a workout.




Top 5 Calorie Busting Hen Parties

So you’ve joined a gym, taken up jogging, counted calories and even invested in a good fitness DVD. Well just for good measure why not try a calorie busting hen activity as the wedding date draws nearer. I’ve taken the liberty of revising some of our classes and working out the most fair and accurate summary of calories burned in each.

5) Bellydance Calories burned in 2hrs: 306 This count has taken into account you will need to listen to the instructor and learn techniques. In your own time after learning about belly dance you have the potential to double this count when dancing, get the Shakira playlist ready!

4) Cheerleading Calories burned in 2hrs 392 This count considers your routine, lots of jumps and high kicks could boost this up a bit. Best part about Cheerleading is lots of fun and a good cheer can prove to be stress relieving.

3) Pole Dance Calories burned in 2hrs 590, The pole is powerful! This count has taken into consideration you won’t be on the pole non stop for 2hrs. Pole combines gymnastics, strength training and dance.  So much combination makes it easier for you to have a good time and burn calories.

2) Salsa/Strictly  Calories burned in 2hrs 414 slow dance 756 fast dance. I was really surprised to find this one out. But then again if you look at the stars of strictly they all boast about how super toned the show has made them. Salsa engages various muscle groups which allows for the significant calorie burning.



street dance work outstreet dance


1) Single Ladies/ Street Dance calories burned in 2hrs a whopping  912

These classes involve large movements of the entire body; this keeps your muscles guessing and constantly working. The structure of our classes’ means everyone is always involved meaning you get a lot out of this class making it our official number one calorie buster.


Whatever dance party you choose remember the idea is to have fun, I don’t want to come across too technical rather just show ways you can burn calories without even realising it. A well trained teacher will show you routines or techniques you won’t forget so you can try this in your own time, long after you’ve ditched the gym or fitness DVDs!

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