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Falling in Love: Wedding Venues in London

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on January 23 2014.

Wedding Venues in London

Our friends over at WeddingDates cast their expert eyes over the capital in search for the most inspirational wedding venues in London.

Top Wedding Venues in London

It may not come as much of a surprise to you, but nearly everyone in our office has some kind of obsession with London wedding venues. We have all agreed, there is something interesting about London that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s definitely a culture exclusive to the rest of the country!

From the delightful and rich mix of food to be found at Camden Market to the bustling night life and of course the wonderful history and museums (like The Royal College of Sugeons or The Museum of London), it seems a little obvious to say that London has a lot to offer. As well as this, it’s one of those places where you can literally turn up to any well-known area and find yourself in the midst of an adventure.

One of our favourite Wedding Venues in London has to be Alexandra Palace. Perfect for an engagement photo shoot (or an engagement), there is so much to be found here! From ice skating to food courts, boat paddling and a beautiful park and the odd concert, this is a romance haven for any couple!

So, after my boyfriend has pitched the perfect proposal (ahem, hint!), he will definitely be taking me on a hunt for wedding venues in London (although he may not be aware of it yet!).

Like a lot of women, I pretty much have it all planned out in my head (as well as some Secret Pinterest Boards). Remember that Friends episode where Ross nearly marries Emily? ‘The One with Ross’s Wedding ‘(self proclaimed Friendsaholic)? Well, there is a possibility my London obsession began there.

Let’s face it, no one really wanted Emily and Ross (Ross and Rachel are too cute) to end up together, but that girl definitely had some great taste in wedding venues. After crawling through IMDB pages, I’ve given up hope that Emily’s wedding venue is actually real, but needless to say, there are some stunning alternatives….

Dartmouth House would definitely be a worthy contender of this. The beautiful Mayfair venue is a gorgeous mix of contemporary and chic. There is no question that I would be in there for my wedding faster than Joey can say ‘London baby!’

There are so many venues to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to list all of our inspirational Wedding Venues in London here. If you are planning to wed in the big city, bear in mind a few of these tips…

Decorate in style: If you’re a bit of a tourist, why not go all out with that theme? London Tube seating plans or hiring out a red double decker are just a few ideas. If you’re not into flash and style, let the stunning scenery be your backdrop!

Photograph like a tourist: Are you tying the knot near a landmark or a stunning park? Take advantage of your surroundings a scuttle over to snap some wedding day shots. There is definitely some opportunity for fun tourist style photos here!

Food, glorious food: Again, if you’re near some scrumptious food carts, take advantage of them! Why not study your surroundings beforehand and find out if there are any interesting food carts nearby? See if you can haggle with them to move their location closer to your venue (mentioning how many guests you have etc) as well as bring down their price. Great alternative to appetizers!

What is your dream Wedding Venues in London? Let us know in your comments!

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