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Make your wedding Speech Memorable

Posted by Andrew Wilson on May 12 2014.

wedding speechEven if you are the bride, yes you can be the one to give your wedding speech. Instead of your doing things the  conventional way, why not give your wedding speech with your husband. In the past, wedding speech has always been a challenge to couple on their wedding day simply because they don’t know these little tips I’m about to share with you.  So you don’t ever have to get nervous to give your speech. Most people tend to turn to some shorts of whisky to get courage to pick up the mic but that’s the wrong approach.

How to give a memorable wedding speech

No one likes a talkative- so keep it short- Most people easily get bored when you emphasize too much about a topic. One of the secret of giving a good speech is keep it short and precise.  Remember not to talk too much about yourself.

Remember to thank people- Did you watch the AMAs when Justin Timberlake went to accept an award and didn’t even thank his wife Jessica Biel? Don’t do that. Don’t forget the most important people. You could write a list of the people you want to thank and make sure you check them off in a military fashion.

Make people cry, but in a good way- Most people say this is optional, however I feel this is what will make your speech stand out from other wedding speech. You can tell your story of love and express yourself but if you are really stuck shove on a couple of Richard Curtis DVD’s, make notes before the day and you’ll be sorted.

Don’t drink too much alcohol before your speech- Most people tend to turn to alcohol  minutes before  their wedding speech.it does no help but ruins the speech. Also an obvious one but if you do get sozzled, there’s always the chance you could end up getting overwhelmed and then crying, releasing that emotion you’d been so good at restraining all day.

Make Jokes- Make people laugh, its keeps them engaged with you even if it’s just a bit of a chuckle, although it could be excruciating to watch someone obviously trying to make people laugh especially if they are not really a funny person. Make it real and natural, a bit of practice will help.

But don’t make inappropriate jokes- I have witnessed some really bad wedding speech, some are really horror stories. If you’re still unsure, here are a few no-go areas: sex and swear words referring to sex/genitalia. Political or religious preferences of your guests.  Some joke may turn out offensive and inappropriate to your guest. So be sure to understand the kind of Guest attending your wedding. While thinking about your weeding speech don’t forget your last night of freedom. Check out our exciting hen party ideas.

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