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Wedding Ring, A Perfect Symbol of Union and Togetherness

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.

Wedding Rings Men and women have been wearing wedding rings since Ancient Egypt. At the time, they were made of plants harvested from the Nile River. Soon enough these bands were introduced into the Christian and Jewish beliefs as love symbols exchanged when getting married. Today’s wedding ring is sacred; the round shape of the band bears lots of meanings. In most cultures, the wedding ring signifies eternity. Made of gold or white gold, brides and grooms have different requirements as far as style is concerned. Regardless, all bands – starting from the most expensive to the cheapest – are a symbol of love, togetherness and unity.



Traditional rings Traditional Rings  wedding

Plain wedding rings without any sort of embellishments and crests are the most traditional. The simple, classic but appealing design of a conventional band goes far beyond mere design. Brides and grooms see these as the last gift made to each other before starting a life together, as a family and as a single soul. The meaning behind a wedding ring is a lot more important than the price paid to buy it.



Wearing the wedding ring 

Wearing the Wedding Ring Wedding rings have gone through different stages throughout history. They’ve been worn on the thumb, as well as right and left hand. The Romans believed that a wedding band should be placed on the ring finger from the left hand. During that time, emperors thought that “vena amoris” (the love vein) passed through that finger and led straight to the heart. Even though the rumor has been dispelled by scientists centuries later, some couples still want to believe in the fairytale. Stories – especially love stories – have a special way of keeping people together. They’re romantic and they convince couples that love can conquer all.



A symbol of purity & commitment Wedding Rings 2

The wedding ring is not just your average accessory, and most married couples almost never take off their bands. It symbolizes commitment, adoration, and transparency. Marriage is all about being honest to your loved one; so make sure to marry the one if you want to be happy, and you’ll be more than proud to wear a wedding band with great pride.

Married men and women have similar bands, not identical. Men are fond of a rather simpler design. Women on the other hand, prefer to have theirs engraved or adorned with precious stones. A recent trend is to match the wedding ring with the engagement ring and wear them together. Both of them will help you remember of how much you cherish and respect your better half.



Proof of respect Wedding Ring wedding brde groom

Wedding bands keep singles at bay, and we’re not saying this in a bad way. As human beings, we’re on a constant hunt to meet someone, fall in love and live happily ever after. But whenever we meet someone with a ring on their finger, we immediately look away. Even though these are symbols or love and commitment, they’re also a symbol of togetherness. You’re bound to someone for eternity and you should always keep that in mind.



Wedding Ring shoes

People get married because they love each other; men put a ringer on the fingers of their future brides because they believe from the bottom of their heart that there’s nobody else better for them. We often fall in love without realizing that the person standing besides us is the person we’ll be spending our lives with; this is where marriage comes in.


The institution of marriage is overrated. Some people marry for money; others don’t want to end up alone, and last but not least, we have those that marry for pure adoration. In their case, the wedding ring has true meaning.



Wedding Ring cake flowers

Some of the coolest trends in wedding ring design bring out their beauty, purpose and significance. Many brides and grooms choose to have their bands engraved with the names of their spouses on the inside; others choose to etch a love message or special word only they know about.


On the outside, trendy wedding rings feature diamonds and precious stones. Some women even choose a signet ring over the traditional band to make it stand out and appear truly special and unique. Regardless of your choice, just make sure to remember that a wedding ring is the ultimate proof of love.


By Edward Francis and MyFamilySilver.com!



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