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Wedding Planning Tips: How To Prepare For A Surprise Hen Party

One of our biggest wedding planning tips is to immerse yourself in the most important parts of the day; the dress, the flowers, the food, and the stationary. But make sure you get the hen party planning off your plate as soon as possible!

Pass that responsibility onto your very best friend, then all you have to do is be prepared for some surprises but don’t think the absolute worst!

Your friends are no doubt planning a girly do full of glamourous outfits, treats and cocktails – not a horrible stag do involving handcuffs, lamp posts and dirty pints! Phew! So relax in the knowledge that you’ll be spoilt on your last night of freedom.

wedding planning tips - enjoy a cupcake decorating hen partywedding planning tips - enjoy a 80s dance hen partywedding planning tips - enjoy a chocolate making hen party

Here are Polestars top tips on how to prepare yourself for a surprise hen party in the least stressful way as possible.

      • Trust your friends

Would you really be friends with somebody who you cannot trust to make sure you have a nice time? Do you really think your friends would intentionally want you to have a bad night? The answer to both questions is no. So why don’t you trust your friends? The best thing to do is relax and rest assured that your best friends are pulling their own hair out to make sure they are planning the best activities for your hen do to ensure that you have a wonderful time!

        • Just go with it

Seriously, the more fun you allow yourself to have the more fun everybody will have! If the bride-to-be looks glum then all of the other guests won’t want to have a good time.

          • Warn your friends about unwanted guests

If there is a certain someone that you really don’t want at your party make sure your friends know. Planning hen parties are stressful so they can’t be expected to remember everything. If you don’t you will only be making your own night awkward.

            • Plan multiple outfits

When preparing for surprises you must make sure you have the right attire to suit every occasion! Your friends will have to give you some hints, such as wether you will need a suitcase, or if you will need a day outfit and an evening outfit. Again, as part of trusting your friends you will need to understand that they won’t take you to Ritz if they have told you to wear a tracksuit!


The main thing to remember is that your friends want to have a good night too and they couldn’t have one without you so they will definitely be planning something you will love!

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