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Wedding Photography Props

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

With Pinterest brides upping the game, wedding photography props are a pretty standard consideration when planning a wedding. Not only do they add to décor but they also get people picking them up and photographing them, making your wedding album a few photos bigger! If you don’t know where to start, here’s some ideas!



balloons heart wedding planning propsBalloons feature at just about every celebration ever so why aren’t they more included in weddings? Swap your ‘just married tins’ for balloons, your seating cards for personalised balloons or have funny faces pumped with helium in the photo booth for people to post with! A popular end of ceremony used to be the release of some Chinese lanterns but the devastating impact on local wildlife and nature has (mostly) put an end to it! We recommend letting a bunch of balloons off instead! They’re much safer for the environment since there’s no risk of burning land and/or animals.


Candy Messages

candy sweets wedding planning propsYou might think we left love hearts candy in the 90’s but we think they should always make a comeback for weddings. They’re cute, colourful and delicious. See if you can bag some personalised ones, or, failing that, switch them for M&Ms and lollipops! Either way, colourful candy is always appreciated, makes every event look charming and makes a great photograph! Why not swap the facial feature sticks in photo booths for candy instead? Thing candy glasses, noses, lips and moustaches! Make them yourself in a candy making hen party!

Personalised Items

mother of the bride flower wedding It’s lovely to gift those most involved in your wedding ceremony and it doesn’t always have to be expensive jewellery! Personalised gifts, though cheesy, are always a hit! This is especially the case when someone wants to remember their important role in the ceremony. Think about how to gift the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and maid of honour etc. Again, these make great placeholders at tables if you like the individual route rather than have everyone the same. Your wedding party is bound to hit the photo booth to point out their head bridesmaid etc!


If you have any ideas, let us know!


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