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Top 5 Wedding Lingerie Tips

Posted by Holly Anderson on January 23 2014.

Our wedding lingerie tips will make deciding what to wear on your big day a doddle. We think choosing your wedding lingerie is an important part of your wedding planning. It’s the most exciting day of your life, and if you’re anything like us you’ll have had the day all planned out since you were about 6 years old!  But one thing that can often get forgotten in wedding planning is what lingerie you are going to wear. Read on to find out more about our wedding lingerie tips …

Now, it goes without saying that you should be treating yourself (or being treated!) to something a little special for the occasion, but there’s an awful lot to bear in mind, even with this one seemingly small decision!

Our top 5 wedding lingerie tips:


wedding lingerie tips

1.     Think about comfort

The wedding night is going to be great fun, but remember, there’s also a whole days worth of activities to get through.  First there’s the wedding service, followed by pictures, a sit down meal, and that’s before the evening part even begins with the dancing and merriment!  Whatever you’re wearing underneath your dress needs to be comfortable enough that you can wear it all day – sitting, standing, dancing and everything else that weddings entail!

2.     Treat yourself

As with every other element of your wedding plans, this really is a special day and one where you should treat yourself to whatever you desire.  Go that extra mile, it’ll be worth it at the end of this most-special of days.  Your husband-to-be will no doubt have been grimacing as the costs have gone up and up, however we’re willing to bet this might be one luxury that he doesn’t mind splashing out on!

3.     Have fun

This is our favourite of all our wedding lingerie tips – have fun with your choice of lingerie.  Your new husband will love it, you’ll feel sexy, and it adds an extra element to your special day.  If comfort is going to be a factor against what you really want, consider changing just before the end of the night or when you get back to your room go for something even more fun!

4.     Remember the food

A general rule at weddings is that people eat, a lot.  Now as the bride it quite often comes about that you don’t eat quite as much as your guests – what with the expectation and the pressure.  But bear in mind that you may be peckish and there is a big meal coming – as mentioned above we’d recommend going for comfort during the day and having a quick change before the end of the night!

5.     You’ll only wear them once!

Whatever you choose, remember this is a once in a lifetime event – try something different, as you’ll never have a chance to wear them again.  Some of our most popular items can be bought at the online shop Secret Lace because they are the elegant, clean white bridal corsets – a one-off purchase, but they really do make you feel great on your big night!

We know wedding planning can be stressful, and this shouldn’t add to your worries.  Simply plan and buy well in advance, potentially planning a change into your most sexy item once you’re back in the room after the party and everything will work out.  Don’t be the bride that doesn’t prepare and wears something inappropriate and feels uncomfortable all day – this is the most important day of your life, so twenty minutes planning your lingerie can definitely be classed as time well spent! We hope our wedding lingerie tips have helped and we hope you have fun on your wedding night!


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