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Three Steps to Wedding Invite Planning

Posted by Hannah Carrier on March 30 2017.

You can’t have a wedding without sending wedding invites! If you want all your friends to be there on the big day then you have to be sure to get a memo to them about saving the date fairly early on! Wedding invites aren’t as simple as they used to be so if you need a helping hand, this one’s for you!


Colour Scheme and Venue Theme

wedding invite invitations beach theme wedding planningThe wedding invitations should carry some relevance to the theme of the actual wedding as much as possible. If you have a date that’s probably because you have a venue confirmed so at least you know where it is and can therefore tell your guests what to expect when they get there.  You want the theme of the wedding to be clear from the start to your guests so that they can anticipate the venue and dress accordingly. Choose colours and design carefully, as a result.


Keep it Simple

simple white wedding invite invitationOften, brides can get a little crazy on Pinterest and Etsy and find hundreds of wedding invites that they like. When it comes to making their own, they therefore have a number of ideas and styles in their mind and so it can be difficult to just stick to one. You’ll try to encompass everything you liked in one but it often results in cluttered and unclear design! Try to pick a preference. As with most things, a little goes a long way with wedding invites and over complicated designs are less classy.

Necessary Details

wedding invitation gold and white full set themeWhat good is a wedding invite without the information? Try to remember the purpose of the invitations is not to be flashy but to be informative. The necessary details required include the date, the venue, the time, some indication of dress code and a schedule. Most couples also take the invitation as an opportunity to clarify some other finer details about the wedding day. For example, in regard to the guest list, they allow and disallow plus ones as well as clarify the food options on the day and leave space for dietary choices and requirements with the RSVP.


Remember, throughout the design process, that the wedding invitations are the first step toward a wonderful wedding and should be a happy message of your engagement so enjoy it and don’t stress! Tell us about your wedding invitation ideas  in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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