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Wedding Floral Arrangements

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important tasks is often a completely new one to the bride and groom: floral arrangements. Weddings are often decked out with flowers everywhere you look because they’re romantic, symbolic and beautiful! If you just don’t know where to start then we have some ideas for you!


Floral bouquets

floral arrangements wedding bouquets

We’ll start simple and easy with the classic and traditional floral bouquet. Carefully chosen by the bride and groom and coordinated with the colours of the dresses and décor, floral bouquets are typically scattered around a wedding venue. There are flowers on some of the chairs even! Floral bouquets make beautiful table centrepieces and place markers so if you do nothing else floral at your wedding, be sure to pick a good florist for your bouquets!


Floral Rings

floral arrangement wedding rings

As most people know, the ring is symbolic, it’s roundness with no beginning and end representing marriage and the commitment that two people are making to each other forever. Wedding decorations are often bouquets littered about tables but floral structures are more elaborate and eye-catching. If you didn’t want a large floral structure then go for something less large. These simple floral rings are lovely and would make a beautiful addition to any table at the wedding ceremony or reception.


Floral Arch

wedding floral arch

A few years ago saw the arch become a popular prop for people to get married by or under. This is especially popular when weddings are held on beaches or in outdoor spaces where there is no structure or layout as there is in a church. Arches then signify the front, the stage where the couple will be wed. Floral arches are even more stunning and, for people who have a special place in their heart for a specific kind of flower, it’s even more sentimental. Give your guests the most serene of pictures by incorporating a floral arch in your wedding.


Floral Crowns

flower crown making hen partyWhy not decorate yourself, your bridesmaids and your guests? Tiaras are great for winter weddings but floral crowns are incredibly popular in spring and summer! Round up your friends and bridesmaids for a floral crown hen party where beautiful fresh flowers will be provided along with all of the headbands and equipment. A professional florist will be able to guide you in how to arrange the flowers onto the band or clip. This is a skill that’s not only great to learn for wedding season but also for festivals and summer events!


If you’ve taken any of this advice or have some of your own please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter.


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