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Wedding Fashion: Dress to Impress

Posted by Isabelle Hurrell on June 7 2017.

Wedding fashion very important and planning what to wear can be challenging. The bride and groom want to share this special day with their family and friends while the guests want to ensure that they dress exceptionally for the occasion. – David Wicks has been a writer for 10 years. Some of the topics he has covered during his career include fashion, business and interior decor. Visit his site to view juniors plus size clothing.


Wedding Fashion Theme

wedding bride groom celebrate bridalWedding fashion is generally themed, seasonal and influenced by the venue. Wedding invitations also provide sufficient information regarding how people should dress and whether or not the setting will be formal. Guests are an integral component of the ceremony and should dress appropriately, taking the venue, theme and dress code into consideration.




Dress Codes

wedding dresscodeMany couples are informative about the expected wedding fashion. If there is an element of religion or culture at the wedding, all guests are required to respect the couple’s beliefs. Dress accordingly while ensuring that you do not offend, or wear inappropriate clothing that distracts people from the event.






wedding venue antiqueIf there are no specific instructions regarding what to wear during the wedding, look at the venue. The wedding fashion for a beach wedding would be significantly different from that of a formal hall or church wedding.







wedding colours Wedding fashion entails rules. For western weddings, guests avoid wearing white because that’s the bride’s colour. Black is also a colour avoided because it is associated with sadness. Your outfit may include black items but dressing in a completely black outfit is not recommended.






Simple and Stylish

wedding flowersEveryone wants to look fashionable at a wedding but this is an occasion that focuses on the couple. Avoid excessive jewellery or heavily embellished clothing that can be a distraction.







Avoid Casual Clothing

wedding clothing dressRegardless of how casual the ceremony appears to be, dress appropriately. It is always better to look overdressed rather than showing up like you did not make an effort. Leggings, ripped jeans and tees are some of the items that should never feature at a wedding.




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