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Wedding Budget

Having a clear idea of your wedding budget and how much you’re going spend for your wedding is essential to avoid costs spiralling out of control. Unless you are lucky enough for the budget to be of no consequence, most of us girls need to stick within the realms of sensibleness. Although the budget may place some restrictions on the decisions you make, it’s not to say you can’t achieve your dream wedding. With some careful budgeting, shrewd decision making and clever negotiating skills, you needn’t compromise on style or loveliness! 


Start with a list of all the essential components that make up a wedding. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the necessities to get you started. In no particular order here’s the list

wedding budget - polestars


So, with all the different parts of your wedding budget established it’s time to divvy up your budget and decide how much you want to spend on each one. We’ve chosen to use percentages and a pie chart in order for everyone to use it and we’ve translated it into a fancy pie chart:

wedding budget - Polestars


Here’s a list of we consider to be non-essentials but nice to have all the same if you’ve managed to save on all the things above:

wedding budget - polestars

Although wedding planning can often be a daunting task, we reckon if you start off with a budget in mind and plan out how much you plan on spending on each bit, everything else should slot in place rather easily! If you’re after a way of keeping track of expenses, check out the ‘Brides Wedding Planner’ App from itunes that will make sure you don’t over spend! Once you’ve established your wedding budget, you can start planning your all important hen do!

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