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Wedding bands – A Beautiful & Important Symbol of a Couple’s Commitment

Posted by Wilson Drew on June 7 2017.


Wedding bands are a lot more than just popular jewelry couples wear after they get married. There’s a lot more to the wedding ring than meets the eye. Its history and symbolism date back to Ancient Egypt when people wore rings made of plants. Later on, rings started to be incorporated into the Jewish and Christian beliefs, and started to be introduced into wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, exchanging rings at a wedding is tradition. Couples see the ring as a symbolism of love and commitment. At the wedding, they vow to cherish that commitment for a lifetime and then they seal their promise with a ring.

His & Hers Wedding Rings

His & Hers Wedding Ring By Irwandy Mazwir

Facts About the Wedding Band

Married couples almost never take off their wedding rings. The wedding ring symbolizes eternity and it comes in a circle form because it doesn’t have a start or an end. It is infinite, just like the love couples promise to hold for each other for a lifetime. Traditionally, the ring is worn on a man and woman’s fourth finger of their left hand. According to ancient customs, the vein that goes through that particular finger is believed lead straight to the heart of the wearer. In certain European countries, it’s actually pretty customary for couples to wear their rings on the right hand. Here, there’s no religious of historic belief that says the wedding band has to be worn on a specific hand.

The Magical Moment of Exchanging Vows and Wedding Rings

Most couples value the significance of the wedding ring with all their hearts. They’re aware that from that moment on they belong to the person standing in front of them, and that no matter what they’ll be together forever. That’s what most couples want to think and believe in front of the aisle. The implication and symbolization of the wedding band is extremely complex. This form of ring is an emblem, a representation of eternal love, devotion, commitment and affection.

In time, the physical structure of a wedding band has changed a lot. Our parents ‘wedding rings for example, are a lot different from ours. The classical type of material is gold, and the shape and cut of the ring used to be simple with no embellishments, crests, engravings or precious stones. Today however, the wedding ring shines like never before. Both men and women want to have unique bands. For that to happen, they go custom-made. A personalized wedding ring is one-of-a-kind, not to mention that the bride and groom get to pick the material, precious stones, engraving, crest, and other tweaks they choose to do to the band.

Wedding Rings Hands by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Wedding Rings Hands by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Types of Wedding Rings

The traditional form of a wedding band is made of sheer gold. These are the most popular because they’re practical, simple, and quite easy to clean and maintain. While men don’t have a problem with simple rings, women have a different opinion. They want their wedding ring to be just as striking as their engagement ring. Wedding bands with diamonds are in trend right now. But then again, these are for people who can actually afford them.

If you want bold, attention-grabbing wedding rings, then you might want to try signets. Signet rings are back in style; they’re bolder and more beautiful than ever. Forget all about those bulky signets worn by men to exude power and dominance. Today’s modern rings are sleek, attentively made and quite stylish. Have yours personalized with your loved one’s initials on top; and is proud of it! You’ll have the coolest, most avant-garde wedding band ever invented, not to mention that it will always remind of the person you love.

Ring Fingers by Alicia Hotovec-Ellis wedding

Ring Fingers by Alicia Hotovec-Ellis

Wedding rings are important, and couples should really think about what they’re doing before making the exchange and swear eternal love to their partners. Do you really love the person standing in front of you with all your heart? It’s because if you do, then you should give them the best and coolest wedding band. It doesn’t matter whether it’s platinum with diamond stones, or stainless steel with rubies. It’s all about the significance. You want your ring to last for a lifetime, and to have it looking perfect for decades, it is important to pay attention to good-quality materials.

By Edward Francis and MyFamilySilver.com!



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