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Useful Checklists to Help You to You Plan Your Wedding

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.

Planning a wedding can be hectic and disorganized so you need a checklist to confirm that you have ticked off everything that needs to be done before that day.



Approximately seven months before your wedding, it will be wise to consider the following points. 


Wedding Menu 2


– Your guest list. Choose a guest list that is comfortable for you. If you want to cut costs, trim down the guest list significantly.


– Get a planner if you need one. This will help you get organized early in your wedding plans.


– Book your venue and reserve it. Look around for a suitable venue for your wedding and book it. This will ensure that you have your venue ready if you are getting married during high season when venues may be hard to come by.


– Choose your bridal clothing as well as groom’s attire. This is so that you don’t make hasty last-minute decisions that may not be very suitable.


– Look around for a great florist.
Choose someone Wedding Flowers who is trusted in the area for flowers and décor and actually sign a contract with them to supply you on your wedding day.


– Look through different women’s and men’s wedding bands and choose the ones you want.


– Arrange for transport. If you want limousines and other luxury cars, it’s wise to find out where you will get them and then book them for your day.




As your day draws closer, you will still need to come up with another checklist of what you need to do. The following are some points to consider just a week to the wedding:



Hair Flowers

– Do a last-minute fitting for your dress as well as the whole bridal group. This should be done at least a week before the wedding to make an allowance for adjustments if needed.
– Confirm with the hair and beauty person about their time of arrival on the wedding day or before.
– Confirm with different vendors the schedules, dates and times of delivery. Also decide who your contact person should be on that day and give the vendors their number.
– Arrange the final payments to be made to all your vendors. You can arrange for someone to deliver the payments to the vendors on the wedding day or slightly before then.
– Pack your honeymoon bag. If you are going somewhere where there is good weather, then carry a lot of summer clothes.

Wedding Day ring flowers dress bride groom


– Pack your wedding night bag. Put in all the items you will need for your first night and keep it ready.
– Have a bag with simple things like needles and thread the same color as your dress. This will help in case of an emergency with the clothing like an unexpected tear.
– Confirm with the minister officiating the ceremony. It will indeed be a terrible mistake to get to the venue and have the officiating minister missing because nobody confirmed the ceremony with him.




Having gone through both checklists before your wedding, you will definitely be able to enjoy your big day without worrying about unexpected mishaps. 


Wedding Day night



Bio : David Wicks has a passion for wedding planning and he has several years of experience in consulting in this area. He is also well connected with a large network of vendors for all the necessary services and items needed for weddings, including women and men’s wedding bands.


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