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Unusual Hen Parties

The team at Polestars are lovers of all things weird, wonderful and dare we say it, ‘trendy’ activities. For ladies that just love to stand out from the crowd, we listed our favourite unusual hen parties. Some are available to book but others are downright crazy!

unusual hen parties - go on a canal boat cruise unusual hen parties - make some miniatures at the dolls house festival unusual hen parties - mouse taxidermy lesson in Hackney

Afternoon tea on a barge – Hens of Henley

Our friends over at My River Cruising have created some fabulous Hens of Henley packages. Start your cruise from Reading, complete with a delicious champagne afternoon tea, or if you want to make use of the luxurious narrow boats then you can stay on board for the entire weekend. Pirate or Wind and the Willows fancy dress; optional.

It’s A Knock Out

In an ideal world The Crystal Maze set would still be in tact and we could hire it out for hen parties and various team building activities. Whilst we haven’t quite moved on, sadly Richard O’Brien has. But fear not because an It’s A Knock Out is clearly a close second; the slippery summit and wacky waters are great for hilariously unusual hen parties.

Native American Camping

Head to Herefordshire for a fantastically alternative camping weekend. Arrive into the camp via kayak before heading over to your luxurious teepees like true North-western Native Americans. We’ll get cracking on a sumptuous camp-fire supper whilst you get to grips with exciting bush craft skills or craft a tribal head dress a la Pocahontas.

Celebrity guest appearance

We once almost booked Dave Benson-Phillips to come along to a birthday party for just a tenner. Whilst it sadly fell through last minute, we’re still in love with the idea of booking a C List Celebrity to come along to a hen party. Particularly if it’s in an unusual hen party venue like Mecca Bingo. Our top choice is Dean Gaffney, but you win extra points if you can get Wellard to come too!

Pottery making

For hands-on hens, this is a fantastic experience. Spend 2 hours creating your own cute tea cups,  saucers or even flower pots. Whether you’re making a lovely gift for the bride-to-be or just want spend some quality and creative time with your best girl friends, our favourite spot for pottery making is Stepney City Farm in East London.

Miniature making

London boasts two Dolls House Conventions each year, so you can easily arrange your hen party around a spot of miniature making. Who wouldn’t want to spend their last night of freedom crafting tiny suitcases and painting teeny fruits and breakfast scenes?!

Shamanic trance dance

Trance dance is next on our list of unusual hen parties. It’s a spontaneous, expressive and deeply healing spiritual dance in which there are no fixed steps, or wrong movements, We think this form of dance is a fabulous hen party activity – what Maid of Honour and slightly stressed bride-to-be wouldn’t like to dance spontaneously whilst entering another level of consciousness?

Mouse taxidermy

OK, we’ll admit that this is a bit of a weird Saturday afternoon activity, and maybe one of the most unusual hen parties out there. Based in Hackney (obviously) this trendy, anthropomorphic activity is perfect to get crazily creative and dress up your new little friend in whatever fancy dress you like – it’s essentially like playing with your dolls and their special little outfits. Kind of.

National heritage hens

Last on our list of unusual hen parties is for ladies that want to back away from the badly laminated L plates and poorly-proportioned cocktails. Why not head to your nearest National Heritage site to catch up with friends and enjoy an afternoon tea in their Orangery Cafe? (National Heritage sites always boast an Orangery cafe!) Here are our top relaxing days out. 

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