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Top destinations for hen weekends abroad

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

Why look at hen weekends abroad

Our friends over at Henstuff are firm advocates of a hen night in the UK, which is hardly surprising given the range of activities on offer. The one element of a UK hen party you can’t really rely on is the sun, which is sometimes the one guest you really want to attend. But such is the capricious nature of the UK weather, you can never be sure the sun will don its hat, or even its hen party sash! If your heart is set on some sunshine revelry, then here are our top destinations for hen weekends abroad.

hen weekends abroad on a budget…

Just because you’re travelling to far off climes, it doesn’t mean you need to condemn yourself to your overdraft for the next few months. Choosing an expensive destination can whittle down the amount of friends who are able to attend. However, thanks to the budget airlines, a hen party abroad can still be inclusive.

If nocturnal nightlife and sun drenched beaches is your thing, hen weekends in the European party Meccas of Ibiza and Marbella are more affordable than you might think. For a touch of glitz, Marbella, the playground of Europe’s rich and famous, offers beautiful beaches, hot weather and plenty of hot guys to boot. Pack your bags full of sophisticated hen do accessories (yes such a thing does exist) and hit Marbs in style.

Cultured hen weekends abroad…

Little factoid here: Barcelona is Europe’s second most visited city behind Paris. Now Paris is more of a destination to get engaged, no matter how clichéd that might be. But Barcelona, now that’s the type of city you go to celebrate one last weekend of freedom.

Whatever you’re looking for, Barcelona has it in abundance. This Catalan city never shuts down and is constantly abuzz with activity. The city boasts world class restaurants, tapas bars and more than a generous sprinkling of cocktail lounges, traditional bodegas and clubs that stay open until the sun comes up. And if you’re looking for the aforementioned culture, just take a look around you, there’s more mesmerising architecture and art than you can shake a multi-pronged stick at. One thing you will need of course are some classy hen do accessories to personalise your weekend and add to the sense of collective mirth.

See and be seen…

We’re assuming here that money is no object – so where would you choose if you could travel anywhere in the world to celebrate your hen party? Las Vegas has to be pretty high on your list, right?

In terms of faux culture, Vegas boasts the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and the Sphinx, all in one city in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The partying in Vegas is immense, so not a destination for the meek and mild, or those who value 8 hrs of shut eye every night. By day there are spas, casinos and helicopter rides to keep you busy. And with your budget drained by all these activities, there are plenty of cheap hen party accessories you can buy here in the UK before you board the plane for those hen weekends abroad!

Hen weekends abroad party drinks

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