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Top 5 fun party activities

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

How to make a party more interesting? You can easily jazz it up by adding different activities including games. Stay with us to find out more.

Body painting
Body painting
Body painting at a bikini party is a cool way to express creativity. If you do not have strong and rich imagination, it does not matter. The point is to have fun. Use professional body paint so that it does not rub off or smear. The body paint takes only a few minutes to dry, so that you can almost immediately continue with the party. The great news is that the paint can last a whole day or night. Make sure you do not come with oil or lotion applied on your skin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to paint anything on the skin. When the party finishes you can remove the paint with alcohol.


Freeze dance
Freeze dance is an amusing game to play at a party and I will tell you why. We all love to dance and we can dance all night. But, why don’t we spice it up a bit? Make a playlist. Choose a volunteer who controls the music. When the music starts playing, all the guests should start dancing. The moment the music stops, the players should freeze. The player who does not freeze loses. The player who stays on the dance floor the longest is a winner.


mechanical bull

Mechanical bull
Mechanical bull can be chosen as a fun activity both for theme and traditional parties. Your friends will love the idea. You can even create a competition to see who of your friends can hang on the longest. The best thing here is that you can change the speed which can be really exciting. You can have a competition rule that a rider must change the speed every 10 seconds, so that the competition heats up a bit. Mechanical bull rental comes with inflatable mattress for safety precautions. Make sure you have the required space for this kind of party activity.


How’s yours?
After the mechanical bull, you can relax with a sitting game. How’s yours is a game which can cause gales of laughter. The first thing you need is a volunteer who will guess an object other guests imagine. So, it is a guessing game. The guests need to come up with something which they all have in common. It can be an object, a body part or something abstract such as sense of humour. When they decide what they have in common, the volunteer should guess what it is asking every guest “how’s yours?” Other players should respond with some kind of adjective describing the common thing in order to help the volunteer.


Treasure hunt
For the fans of mysteries of Agatha Christie and Sherlock, you can always play a treasure hunt at a party. You hide an object somewhere and give the players one clue at the beginning. The first clue leads to the second one, the second one to the third one and all the way to the object. What is so fun in this game is making clues more difficult by using riddles, Morse code or anything you think will make the game mysterious.
These activities can add variety to any party. Try at least one of them and we are sure your guests will be mad about it.



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