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Themed hen parties, – Take A Chance

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

Themed hen do’s…We have heard of Monopoly themed weddings, complete with top hat shaped cupcakes, ‘Go’ signs to direct guests to their seats on the correct side of the church or venue, and even fake monopoly money for the youngsters to buy macaroons and other sweet treats.  But what about themed Hen Parties?

Check out this inspiring themed hen party gallery to create some really quirky ideas.

Source: www-static.weddingbee.com via Celebration.co.za on Pinterest

Monolopy themed wedding

Source: mysweetandsaucy.com via Glittering on Pinterest

themed wedding French macarons

Source: mysweetandsaucy.com via Celebration.co.za on Pinterest


Themed hen parties


Playing games and dares is always a great way of bonding with guests you have not met until the actual Hen Night. And if you do opt for a Monopoly themed hen party, I’ve come up with some fun dares that could be printed onto Chance and Community Chest card – ready to be whipped out on a Cocktail bar crawl perhaps.

      • You can’t afford to pay school fees of £150, so wear the dunce cap until you all reach the next pub
      • You are assessed for street repairs: try and steal a helmet and/or fluorescent jacket from a nearby construction site
      • “Disorderly behaviour” fine of £2 (these fines can crop up a few times and can be used to by crisps for all, or a pizza at the end)
      • Pay a speeding fine of £2
      • You have won a crossword competition. Collect a free drink from the bar (show this card to the barman and see if it works.)
      • It’s not your Hen night! Run to the nearest purveyor of baked goods and buy the Hen a girly cupcake
      • Pay a fine for being Ridiculously Good Looking or do a dare created by the Bride-to-be
      • Go straight to prison, do not pass Go, Do not collect a drink on your way (prison can be outside or under the stairs)
      • Sue the best dressed guest, and demand a free drink from them
themed hen night


If you’re more into civilised wordplay than games, dares and pub crawls then why not make name cards or badges out of Scrabble letters – creative AND helpful for everyone to learn each others name.

scrabble themed wedding
scrabble themed wedding


All this creativity has got me thinking about paper art and games. Hen games in the form of a paper fortune teller would be playful, and easy to whip up on the night. Origami Bride and Groom creations could also be used on the Big Day itself.

Happy Crafting!

themed wedding

Source: etsy.com via Polestars on Pinterest


themed wedding

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