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The Ultimate Wedding Day Guide

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

wedding day

The wedding season is in full swing and for most couples the big day they have been waiting for is nearly here. The secret to a perfect wedding is organisation and taking responsibility.

Each decision you make has to be planned and well thought out: from choosing your dream venue to the small details of ordering your personalised stationery. Each element of your big day will come together perfectly if you are organised.

You may already have a close friend or family member that is helping you with the wedding arrangements. If you are lucky enough to have a wedding planner then you can concentrate on making sure you and your groom are ready for the big day.

In order to help you along we have compiled a guide with a few tips to a magical wedding. Use this to ensure your wedding goes to plan so all you have to concentrate on is walking down the aisle.

Bride’s To-Do List

Your wedding day is finally here, and you may not have had the best night’s sleep due to being nervous.wedding day dress bride


 Begin your day by doing a quick invigorating workout. This could be a light jog, swim or simply a few squats and sit ups in your bedroom. Doing a 20-30 minute workout to get you energised and your blood pumping will make you feel great about yourself too. Once you have completed your work out you can have a lovely, relaxing shower.

Eat a nutritious breakfast

It’s going to be a long day so make sure you have breakfast. You may be feeling anxious or so excited that you can’t eat, however this is a recipe for disaster (and that is not what we want). Pack your breakfast with proteins and vitamins to get you through the day. Try eating blueberries, strawberries and yoghurt. These are packed full of antioxidants and won’t bloat you, so you will look great in your dress.

Call your groom

Some brides may want to ring their groom to make sure they are up and awake. For those that may be superstitious, ring the best man or the groom’s family member just for a quick check up.

Pack your wedding night bag

Pack your wedding night bag. Include toiletries and lingerie. See if you can drop it off at your hotel (whilst taking the welcome gifts) on your way to the reception so you know it’s ready. If you’re leaving for your honeymoon right away, have that luggage packed, along with necessary documents like tickets, passports, cash and credit cards.

Drop off gifts

Dropping off welcome gifts at the venue  will need to be done before your ceremony. You may want to assign this task to your chief bridesmaid or family member. Arrange with the organisers how these will be distributed to your guests.

Hair and make-up

Getting your hair, nails and make-up done can make you feel like a princess and you deserve to. You want to make sure you look your best and feel it too. Make sure you wear loose clothing with large neck spaces. A vest top will allow you to easily pull it over your head before changing into your wedding dress. Now you have a few hours to relax before the service.

 Wedding Day Bag

No matter how organised you are there is always something that doesn’t make it to the venue. A way of ensuring you have planned for every eventuality is by bringing a wedding day bag. Yes, you heard it here, the wedding day bag will have all you need including outfit changes and tissues. your wedding bag should contain a contact number of bridal party guests and the wedding organiser/caterers. You never know when you (or anyone else) will need to call someone. Having a printed guest list makes it easy to delegate last minute tasks.

Groom’s To-Do List

We know it’s unlucky to see the groom the night before the wedding. So speak to the best man or a close family member to make sure your groom is also prepared for the big day by giving him this short list:

Go for a run. This will wake you up and will leave you refreshed and ready for the busy day ahead.wedding day bride groom dress

Have brunch with your groomsmen or parents.

Go to the barbers. Go to your local barber to ensure you are groomed and presentable. This ensures you look your best on the day.

Rehearse your speech. You can never practise enough and there is no time like the present to drive those pre-wedding nerves away.

Arrive at the wedding venue early. This will probably be the most important task. Hand the rings over to your best man or designated person upon arrival so they don’t get lost or forgotten! Arriving early will allow your bride to relax, and you’ll have time to hand out payments, tips and gifts to the appropriate people (musicians, venue director, wedding planner, photographer, caterer, etc.)

Your wedding day can pass by a lot quicker than expected, so making sure all of the most intricate details have been thought through to perfection will ensure the best day of your life will run smoothly. The smallest upset could add unwanted stress and turn your much awaited day into a nightmare and that is certainly not what we want.

Even if you have everything prepared ahead of time, use this checklist to double check and eliminate any stress on your big day so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day.  Remember to have the most of your life for your last night of freedom.

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