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The Polestars time machine

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

#IfICouldTimeTravel what era would it be? Polestars have a couple time travel selections that we love in particular for the dance and music culture. Here’s a little history on the great era’s for dance and music from Polestars with a little history lesson in each.

Polestars Time Machine Dance History

Roaring 20’s 

roaring 20's dancing hen party

The roaring 20’s was the time of the great Gatsby, Chicago, the great depression and the era of the new woman. Women wore flapper dresses, they consumed alcohol and smoked and became more sexually free.  Things that before would have been deemed unladylike activities.

This was also the era of the great prohibition giving birth to big time crime bosses to make a lucrative business in exporting alcohol. Tommy guns and sharp pin stripe suits. Big names such as Al Capone.  People now had enough to spend on consumer goods. Jazz and the blues came with African Americans migrating from the south to the north metropolis cities in places such as Harlem. Bringing on the Harlem Renaissance. To the discomfort of many who were accustomed to the old values and traditions that america was raised on, this era brought a lot of cultural civil wars between, ethnicities, sexes and religions.

Great time for Jazz fingers, big show time Chicago, smokey blues bars, burlesque and stage performance. Harlem nights.


The 70’s era

70s dancing hen party

The era of the bell bottom trousers and rise of disco music. It was a continuation of the swinging sixties of peace, love and liberation for all. However in the back drop of this great innovative and hippie movement era, there was a war going on away between President Nixon and his war in Vietnam and on home soil for anybody who was a woman, Afro American, Native American, gays and lesbians and any marginalised minority for their right to equality.

8 track tapes such as Marvin Gaye, Jackson brown, Olivia Newton-John brought and music that everybody could boogie on down to.


The 80’s era

80's dancing hen party

This was the era of the new right movement led by the Ronald Reagan revolution, creating the young yuppie generation, the rise of pop culture and the cold war.

The synthesizer generation was born with all the bright neon colours to go with it. Epic montages and great sound tracks for blockbuster movies such as, Beverly Hills, Indiana Jones. Great time for TV as family based sitcoms such as Cosby show, family trees and married with children became popular. The rise of TV channels such as MTV as the voice of a generation frustrated with the conservative materialism culture gave birth the pop stardom such as Public enemy, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and Bon Jovi.


The 90’s era

90's dancing hen party

The 90’s was the Clinton era, the birth of the reality TV boom. The rise of Goth culture with Nirvana at the helm and TV personalities. Not to forget the put together boy and girl bands to represent the teen generation. TV shows such as Friends became overnight hits and anybody with technology could become a star if they wanted to. This was also a time of great scandals, tragedies and shock as the news was filled and with littered with surprises.

This was considered the last great generation where people still had a voice and music was fun and with meaning. Gothic and heavy metal artist stars came to play. Brittany Spears, spice girls mania, backstreet boys, N Sync.

If you’re looking for a dance party to relieve in one of these eras polestars would be the place to start.

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