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The Surfers Guide To Newquay

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

The Surfers Guide To Newquay

Guten tag surfy type peeps. The beautiful people at Polestars have asked me to write The Surfers Guide To Newquay and about what its like being a local in newquay. To give you a bit of a lowdown on why you should all be coming to our eternally sunny town, and what you should all be getting up to while you’re here!

The Surfers Guide To Newquay – The Only Place To Surf

In my completely unbiased opinion, Newquay is the only place to surf in the UK. Whether youre a surfing virgin, fresh out of your first week of surf lessons, or even if youre a pretty experienced shredder looking to hone your skills, Newquay’s variation of waves, forgiving beach breaks and friendly vibe is the perfect place to take you to the next level.

There’s s good reason why most of the big UK surfing events are held in Newquay. Fistral beach is one of the most consistent breaks in Europe and host to the Relentless Boardmasters and Gold Rush Big Wave Competitions. Facing west and taking the full brunt of Atlantic swells, Fistral can get pretty epic. During the winter months waves can regularly beat 6ft+, and take on truly heroic proportions when the mystical Cribbar is firing in really big conditions. There are videos of the Cribbar on huge days when the only way of getting on the wave is being towed in by jetski!

The Surfers Guide To Newquay – Fistral Beach

For those of a more mellow disposition, on an offshore waist high day, you can get rides of 100m at South Fisty’s perfect left. But Fistral is not the only decent break in Newquay with Towan, great western and tolcarne all slightly tamer and with their own special character. The Tolcarne wedge and  harbour wall offering some pretty spectacular rides for those who like a quick take off.

The Surfers Guide To Newquay  – Matt Adams’ Surf School

Just outside of Newquay there are hundreds of different secret or not so secret spots to explore and the local crew are always pretty friendly and up for a chat. If you are just starting out on your surfing odyssey, there are loads of great surf schools to hone your skills at. Probably the best surf school in Newquay is world famous Matt Adams’ surf school, perfectly situated in between Fistral and the bay beaches. At Adams surf school, they have a dedicated team of top qualified coaches who offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for all age groups. They will give you a big Newquay welcome and love to share the stoke!

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