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The spirit of camping

Posted by Alice on May 22 2015.

Camping has a certain feeling, a certain spirit which is difficult to describe. The majority of campers will know what I mean with it and I think that everyone should have made this experience once in a lifetime. Depending on the weather and some other circumstances, it is always a little bit risky, but definitely amazing. It doesn’t matter, if it’s for a whole holiday or just a spontaneous weekend trip, it will be worth it.



A weekend on a campsite can be the perfect time-out for you from all the stress and rush in the city. Surrounded by nature, you will have some time for yourself, your friends or family. You could make some rules – for example, that no phones are allowed – to really have some relaxing time. While enjoying the sun and getting a little tan, you might forget about your problems in the city and can finally breathe again. Such a camping weekend can be seen as a little trip “back to the roots”.




You can do a lot of great activities when you are camping. You are already in the middle of the nature, so there are plenty outdoor activities waiting for you when it’s sunny. It only depends on the location of your campsite, if you are at the seaside or more in the countryside. A beach will probably offer you more opportunities, just as swimming, surfing or fishing. But there are several activities you can do at everywhere, for example Yoga, volleyball or soccer. Going for a walk and collecting some stones, shells or flowers is also fun and relaxing.



Good vibes
Camping can also be romantic and bonding – sitting around the campfire or sleeping under the stars is simply beautiful. Having a little barbecue, some grilled marshmallows or just a nice cup of tea can help you to forget about any troubles at home. Maybe one of your friends can play the guitar, so that you could sing something together. My favourite campfire song is Wonderwall from Oasis; I know that this is an absolute classic, but it is really one of the best songs for such a nice atmosphere.
And as soon as the sun goes down, the vibe gets better by itself. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you will see the starry sky and with it the beauty of nature. Enjoying such a good time with family or friends is really important and now and then just necessary.



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