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The Polestars Twerk

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

Twerk miley cyrus2013 was the year the twist and jerk, or the ‘twerk’, entered the mainstream. Born in the Dirty South of New Orleans in the US of A, twerking belonged to the hip-hop music scene in the 1990s, until that is, Miley Cyrus decided to make an exhibition of herself during the 2013 MTV Music Awards. She hit the headlines with her sexually provocative moves and the image of her twerking wearing little else than a few straps of nude pleather to cover her modesty, with her hair plastered to her head in top knots was burned into the retinas of many. (If you’d not seen it wasn’t before, we’ve included this photo for your benefit.)

Twerk It!

However, twerking is not just for post-teen stars courting controversy. It can be an excellent activity, rather like learning how to salsa or ballroom dance! Even if your hips and rear end don’t naturally position themselves in the required squatting stance, everyone can have a go (and be amused by everyone else having a go). There are no restrictions and we believe everyone has a twerk inside of them just waiting to get out. The rapper Danny Brown suggests one puts her (or his) ‘toes on the wall and her ass in the air’ and then ‘twerk that thing like she ain’t have a care.’ What more could a girl want to do on her hen party?! Be taught by a professional Polestars twerker (there are no official qualifications as of yet, but we reckon a Royal School of Twerking is on the horizon), learn how to work that booty and then take your newly acquired hip-thrusting skills to the clubs of England, dressed in the obligatory hen party get up of fabulously garish pink tutus.

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