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The new years resolution guide – Polestars

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Christmas has gone and now you are eagerly awaiting the new year festivity while wondering how you are going to burn all that Christmas dinner? Make this New year a bang and get off to a good start with some goals you can quite easily achieve.

New year resolution for the new you

new year resolutions

The New years has arrived! It has come to that time of the year when we say goodbye to the old year and say hello to the new year. With the New Year comes the New Year’s resolution hashtag’s… #newyearresolution2015 #hashtagnewyou #outwiththeoldinwiththenew. So we’ve created a little guide on how to do this right. Here is some tips on how to create a realistic and useful resolution that you can actually achieve and not set yourself up to fail.

Leave it in past and start again in the new

What did you say last year or promise you would do last year? Did you achieve your goals or just set yourself up for failure? How about achieving it for real this time with a small target achievable within a year. Anything that was holding you back in the past year we would advice leaving that dead weight behind.

Exercise related  

new year sun flowers

Whether you promise yourself that extra 1 hour in the week, walking home or to up your gains in the gym. Have your goal and your end target clearly defined.

One thing you will do differently

Perhaps this could be to wellbeing or just kind gestures. This give you a chance to reflect on the past year and ask yourself one question, if you could do anything differently this time around what would it be?

Take it easy

Believe it or not even though we are better off financially and career wise than ever recorded in history, people are stressed and depressed more than ever. It seems in our pursuit for financial stability and success, the pressures of life is winning and taking effect. Perhaps one of your goals for next year should be to take it easy and not stress so much. Find new ways to unwind or take up a hobby.

Appreciate life a little more

new year mantra

Your time and life in general can quite easily fly by the busier we get. Before we know it we’re wondering where did it go? For the new year how about you actually take some time for yourself to really appreciate the small things that make life worth living.

Find your mantra

Finding a small quote, chant or mantra that will re-focus you when times get a little hard is quite practical and useful. Your mantra must be quick and easy to remember. Try rhyming for added impact and effect. It also makes it easier to remember when it rhymes.

If you are already thinking about next year and what hen parties are in store for you then check out our hen parties section for lots of interesting ideas on what you could do.



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