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The History of Erotic Dancing

Posted by Holly Anderson on November 27 2013.

The History of Erotic Dancing

Polestars explores The History of Erotic Dancing. From Pole to Burlesque to our fabulous Flirt and Seduce, we’re obsessed with celebrating our bodies!

The History of Erotic Dancing

Pole and Burlesque Dancing are fun and exciting exercises, which have especially become popular in last decade as a form of fitness. However, erotica as a dance form has been around a lot longer than most of us may first have thought!

The History of Erotic Dancing – Striptease

The first recorded striptease dates back to a myth from ancient Sumerian times involving Inanna, the Goddess of Love, and her descent into the underworld to find her lover, Damouz. At each of the seven gates, she removed an article of clothing or a piece of jewellery. As long as Inanna remained in hell, the earth was barren. When she returned, the earth again became abundant and fruitful. Some believe this myth evolved in the ‘Dance of the Seven Veils’ of Salome from the bible.

The History of Erotic Dancing – Pole Dancing

The modern form of pole dancing has only been documented since the 1980’s, yet the origins appear to go back many years prior to this. Some have suggested that the Maypole was the first form of ‘Pole Dancing’ – with the Pole being seen as a phallic symbol.

Only in recent years has pole dancing become more acceptable. The stigma attached to this art may be one of the reasons why the dance appears to have little history documented. However Polestars wants to create history and wants you to be part of it!

We offer Pole Dancing hen parties and Burlesque parties for anyone who wants to try out this ancient art form! Remember, it’s almost as much fun wearing these gorgeous Burlesque costumes as it is taking them off…

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