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The History of Can-Can

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 8 2017.

The History of Can-Can dance

The History of Can-Can

What we know today as ‘Can-Can’ can be traced back as far as the Egyptians and the ‘Triori’ from South Brittany, where women danced alone and kicked their legs high above their heads and lifted their skirts up. Images of women doing this were discovered on friezes on walls.

Can- Can first made its debut in America in the “Black Crook” at Niblo’s Gardens in New York, September 12th 1866. This style was imported into France in the 1920s for the benefit of tourists, and the French modern Can-Can was born – a highly choreographed routine lasting ten minutes or more, with the opportunity for individuals to display their “specialties”.

A Guinness world record of 8,005 high kicks was performed by Veronica Evans (-Steen), in 4 hours and 40 minutes in London, 1939. Can-Can is Polestars newest product and is a high-intensity workout! As well as providing aerobic fitness, Can-Can is fantastic for toning legs, bums and tums!

While less confronting than pole dancing lessons and burlesque classes, it is a great way to bond with old friends and make new ones, as it is a real team activity. This element of Can-Can creates a unique atmosphere in classes that are missing from traditional aerobics classes at the gym.

It’s easy to get started with can-can – all you need is a can-can skirt, and some moves! At Polestars we offer Can-Can Dance parties. They are great ways to show off this traditional dance and to celebrate an occasion, be it hen party or birthday! High-kicks and high-energy, we best you’re desperate to try it out now you’ve found out all about The History of Can-Can!

However, if you’re looking for more of a chilled out activity then check out our fabulous hen party mood boards for inspiration.

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