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The History of a Hen Party

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

Are you honouring the traditions of hens throughout history in your celebrations prior to the wedding? Find out with our brief history of a hen party…


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Ancient Greece were the first to recognise the time before the wedding as important. They named it the ‘proaulia’ and created both all male and all female celebrations before the wedding day itself. Far from the typical hen party of today, the celebration was a feast to acknowledge the transition the bride would make from childhood into adulthood. This celebration developed over time to be quite the pampering session involving bathing and oils!



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The term ‘hen’ appeared in 1620. The events documented around this time appeared to be ladies lunching or having tea and sharing excitement for the big day. Hen parties became popular in England in the 1970’s and were held within workplaces as the colleagues of the bride would celebrate her leaving work to be financially supported within marriage. The times have changed since then and consist of a variety of activities, holidays and treats.



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