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The bride to be and her 7 henettes

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

So once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was about to get married to her dashing groom who loved her very much. The princess was very popular and had lots and lots of friends. In specific, 7 hennettes each unique in personality, all ready to turn up and celebrate the happy news with the bride to be…and here was their names.

The 7 henettes

The Late Hen


The one hen that is a habitual later comer by nature and worst punctuality on record. Never mind attendance. Be prepared for this hen Late arrival by letting her know ahead of the rest of the group. Even then it may not be guaranteed you. However, you can be sure she will turn up fashionably late too.


The party starter hen

hen party

The hen who likes to party hard with no regrets. Always the life of the party she parties like a popstar and a natural socialite. She will be the reason why the bouncers remember your group every time you go out. They don’t need drinks to get started just point them in the right directions and watch the sparks fly. Keep her away from tables.


The paparazzi hen

paparazzi hen

The Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton of the hen kingdom. The socialite, photogenic and the undisputed selfie queen. Her glamorous and high class taste comes with a pinch of pretentiousness and  snobbery. Can easily come across as the ‘Cruella De Vil’ of any hen group.


The Cinderella hen


The complete opposite of the paparazzi hen. Similar to the Cinderella story of the poor girl who went from rags to riches so she might feel a little out of her element depending on how pricey the place is. She will have already negotiated a loan from her fairy god mother to help finance her for the night with a budget. Usually the bride to be or the mother hen. this girl will show you how you can still have a good time on a budget. Don’t be surprised if she tries to find a excuse to try disappear home before midnight,so don’t let her!


The man eater hen


This bad girl is the temptress and sexy man eater of the group. Extremely confident, straight forward with no shame in her game, she knows she has the goodies to have any man eating out for her hands. That is of course if she doesn’t end up scaring them away with her overpowering charm first.


The Mother hen

 mother hen

The most responsible role model of the group. Usually a mother to more than one person kids. Don’t be surprised if she decides to take charge of the night. She will deal with any problems that may arise over the night and take charge if need be.


The firecracker hen


She may be perceived initially as the quiet one of the group who to the outside world will appear to be the last person you would be worried about? However, don’t be fooled. She has a wild side to shock any hen. All it takes is one too many drinks to bring her out of her shell and someone to spark the light to ignite this fire cracker.


There you have it the bride to be and the seven henettes to expect on her night out. If you would like some more information on what you can expect from your hen party ideas, check out www.polestars.net for the inside news on it.

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