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Best Advises That Brides Should Listen to About Their Wedding Day

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.

The wedding day is the most important day for a young woman. A young girl looks forward to this day from a very young age. The bride gets a lot of advice from family and friends, and especially from those who are still in marriage and have achieved according to the society’s expectations. So what is the best advice for the bride that one can give the bride on this beautiful day?



The eve of the wedding

Healthy Breakfast berries


What you do on the night before the marriage could have a huge effect on your big day; this is the night where all the thinking and the running up and down stop. The night should be a relaxed one where you take a warm bath, eat a light meal and sleep early. The bride should also be careful about what she eats or drink since some heavy meals could bring a lot discomfort and spoil the big day.





Coffee With Milk

Avoid meals with high protein content because they take long to digest. Instead, substitute them with fruits salads or vegetable salads that will keep your stomach light the next day. Alcohol and caffeine drinks are assumed to relax the mind. The problem is drinks with alcohol and caffeine may cause sleeplessness and tiredness the following day. Instead, substitute them with fresh juice or warm milk that has been proved to relax the mind and help one sleep well.




The morning of the wedding day


Wedding Dress


A lot of excitements and anxiety is always there during this beautiful morning. Though you might feel like sitting and enjoying the beautiful feeling, a lot is yet to be done. The first thing to do right after showering is to take a standard breakfast. By average, I mean something that you take every morning. Avoid introducing new food to your system to prevent them from spoiling your day. A light breakfast should be made right before doing the making up. Most brides forget taking breakfast in a rush to do makeup and redoing the makeup once they have eaten which take time.


One should also wear the right clothing before doing the makeup. Wear something that can be zipped down is appropriate to avoid interfering with the make when dressing for the gown. These days Indian wedding dresses are most preferred in western countries. Feel free to checkout top bridal dresses in India written by Coupon Machine. Always make sure that you have planned well with the stylist to make sure that you fit in their schedule so that he can come and do the makeup from your house to avoid inconveniences.  When doing the makeup, ensure you have the right stylists.


Wedding Shoes

A good stylist is the one who can listen, understand and create a style for your needs and not what he feels is right you. Remember that this is your day, have a style that you have always dreamed of, and not a new style that makes you uncomfortable. The style should be a polished version of you and not a new you. Also, remember to carry an emergency bag for the day that includes the following items; scissors, plasters and shoe pads, sanitary towels, razors, painkillers, anti-diarrhea tablet, sewing kit, deodorant and nail file among others.



The flowers


Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a big part of the wedding day. They make the venue look colorful and full of life.  A good florist is someone a bride should invest in before the big day; this should be someone you can fully be trusted to deliver. Remember flowers cannot be seen a month before the due day. They will only be seen during the wedding, so it’s something you can include in your wedding plan. A reliable florist will be of great value on this day to avoid inconveniences of getting the wrong flowers. Ensure that you have had a final discussion with your florist a month before the wedding, to give her time to source for the flowers and come up with a beautiful flower arrangement.


The banquet is also part of the whole flower arrangement. Most brides forget the dinners and remember it when they are minutes away from walking down the aisle. To avoid this, have the maid of honor carry the banquet for you to the venue. Remember you are the bride; you have a lot to remember which makes it easier to forget the small details.



The transport 


Wedding Transport - Car

You should book for your transport after you have confirmed the venues and the date of your wedding. You should book the transportation in advance. Ensure you book a type of vehicle that portrays your personality. Good transport also sets the mood for the day. You should also consider the time of the year while booking your transportation. Horses will not be appropriate during rainy weather.


Also, consider the number of people leaving your house for the venue. Book enough vehicles that should be able to accommodate the bridal team and other guests at a go, to avoid doing re-runs in the morning. Plan on how you will exit the house and enter the car. Remember you do not want your gown to be stained especially on a rainy day. You can use a carpet from the house to the car.



The photography


Wedding Photography photographer

Photographs are the only memory you will have of your good day. Photography can qualify to be the most important part of your wedding planning. Most photographers like coming in the morning to capture the morning natural moments. Ensure that the photographer is aware of the exciting things that you want to remember, for example, your team doing makeup; this will give the photographer a clearer picture of your personality and deliver real work to your expectations. Also, be yourself, relax and smile to produce photos that show a happy mood.



Wedding Ring

In conclusion, wedding day is just a day celebrating the beginning of your marriage. You can never be a hundred percent perfect. Ensure that you do what you can for the day and let the rest flow. You should make everyone feel comfortable and happy to share the day with you.  Remember you cannot repeat a wedding, so give it your best and enjoy the day.



Author bio: Priyanka is a professional content writer. She has done her post graduation in English from The University of Calcutta and has flair to write articles on Tech, fashion, Health, Fitness, Beauty and Diet. You can follow her at Google plus!


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