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The art of cupcake decorations

Posted by Clement Boateng on March 12 2014.

The art of cupcake decorationsCupcake decorations! London has over the years has developed a reputation for being good at many things this includes The winter Olympics, sailing, swimming, tea times, politics, public transport (joke). One great talent in particular is the Brits ability of sugar crafting and cake baking and their love for cupcake decorations. If you have ever took a walk around London, you would have probably noticed a variety of marvellous cupcake & sweet shops to get anybodies palette watering and drooling at the sight of this paradise. Cake baking is a time honoured tradition but it would be nothing without the decorations and presentations to sell the sweet dream to us. The colours, accessories, whip cream and variety of imaginative style and decor in London is absolutely amazing in context to cake baking and cupcake making. The British skill in cake decoration can almost be compared to the French and patisserie (pastry) who take pastry making to a whole other level (seriously they’re like the Mozart of pastry making).

The art of cupcake decorations

The art of cupcake decorations
Cup caking decorating is an art form that only a few know the true potential and power of. Just like any painting, before an artist puts brush to paper they have already envisioned or dreamed of creating their masterpiece in their head. Now all that needs to be done is to make it a reality. The same concept applies to cupcake decorating.
It is an expression of yourself, your own unique style and reflection on how you see the world. Whether you are quirky, stylish, and fancy or a wild thing at heart then cupcakes are a great chance and way to show that!
The satisfying part of this whole process is that you get to eat, taste and savour your creation (or watch somebody else do it for you, it’s up to you). All the hard work, planning and preparation, all summed up in that one solitary moment when you sink your teeth into your baby (wipes drool from mouth).
So if this sounds like something you would like to do or the thought of this gets your creative juices flowing then be sure to check out our cupcake decorating hen parties for more details and start creating your sweet heavenly paradise now.

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