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The 50 shades of Grey premiere

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

50 shades of grey is to premier this week on valentines day. For all those who have read the book, this has been a very long time coming. From the trilogy to the movie there has been a lot of high expectations for this movie. From early reviews from private screenings however, show that the movie is not fairing too badly against the hard copy. Fifty Shades of Grey

So if you are still not convinced yet we have gathered 3 main reasons why you should watch this highly anticipated movie on valentines in the cinema.

Sex scenes 

The sex scenes are guaranteed to be steamy and sexy as the director had help from real life dominatrix in directing the scenes. Not to mention if you know the director you will know it is set to be sexy, stylish and steamy.

Suitable for both singles and couples 

Whether you are a single person looking for a night in with the girls or going to see the movie with that special somebody, this movie is perfect for both demographics looking for a motive on valentines day.

Don’t have to read the book

So for the handful of people who have not read the book, shame on you! However, not to worry you don’t have to be a fan of the trilogy to go watch this movie. You can even watch the movie and come out more of a professional and deceive people into thinking you are a die hard fan from the beginning. I promise not to tell anybody if you don’t.

50 shades of grey-mania

Here at Polestars we have all gone 50 shades crazy and to prove it have a look at some of our more steamy risque collection of products you can choose from to get you in the mood.

Sexy fifty shades of grey


The art of burlesque is fun and exciting strutting cool moves that can entertain everybody or that special someone.

Pole dancing

The art of pole dancing is probably one of the most toughest if not physically demanding dance styles that we do. Graceful, beautiful and hypnotic to watch when performed correct it’s the most popular and known worldwide.

Flirt and seduce

The art of flirting can be a difficult skill to master. Learning the subtle body languages and body singles to arouse curiosity and mystery is a very handy and a much sort after skill for every seductress.


The dominatrix class is the closest thing to 50 shades of grey that you can get in regards to the book and the movie. Take a dive into the world of BDSM and see what unknown pleasures awaits you. This product is probably one of our more risqué out of our products.

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