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Teaching Burlesque

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

Teaching Burlesque (and confidence)

Teaching Burlesque – A Way of Life

In today’s world it is not easy to feel attractive, sexy or sometimes even accepted as a woman: All the Women’s (!!) magazines are full of information about how to be more skinny, have thicker glossier hair, dress in more fashionable clothing, wear more / less make-up, have perfect nails…. Do you ever get that feeling, that you are never quite enough and end up always running after something to be a better, shinier you?

And how amazing would it feel to look in the mirror and think you are fine – or in fact, bloody marvellous! – just as you are??!

To me, burlesque represents exactly that way of life. It is a beautiful form of art and going to a burlesque club and watching the strong, independent and fabulous performers sing, dance, tassle, and twirl the night away is bound to put a smile on your face! And you most certainly do not see anyone being anything but proud about their bodies.

Teaching Burlesque – Celebrating your body exactly the way it is

Burlesque is not about hiding the “bad bits”, it is about showing off and celebrating the good bits, which we all have plenty of, if we would just let them shine! And there is no “type” – It does not matter what age, size, shape, skin colour or background you might be and in fact, individuality is not only accepted, but celebrated! This is a brilliant attitude that can and should be integrated into our everyday life.

Teaching Burlesque (and confidence)

My favourite part of teaching the classes has always been seeing how the girls progress from being very concious and shy to really letting go and create their own individual ways to express themselves. I have had numerous classes, where at the end of the quite intense and to begin with, quite embarrassing, striptease session the routine finally comes together and the whole room erupts into spontaneous cheering and clapping – not to applaud me, but to applaud themselves for actually genuinely feeling proud and happy about their own bodies. That to me, is always a victory over the horrible critical way we are constantly being taught to look at ourselves!

Teaching Burlesque – Feel good about yourself

And that is exactly what I have also myself gained from doing burlesque over the years. I do not have fit into any mould or change in any way, I am allowed to celebrate being me, just as I am. This is the message I have worked so hard to get across to all my beautiful, individual students: nothing needs to change, apart from your own attitude! And trust me, it is so liberating to be allowed to feel good about yourself. You just want to keep hold of that feeling and never look back.

The amazing Burlesque costumes aren’t bad either!

I dare you all to give it a try! :-)

Kittykat xxx

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