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Polestars teacher Roni Layne

Roni Layne

Roni on being a dance teacher

Have long have you been teaching dance?

6 years

What’s your favourite Polestar dance class?

Pole and Burlesque

What is your main/side gig?

I’m an administrator

Best part of the job?

The best part of the job apart from meeting fantastic people is knowing that the group have had a really wonderful time and that I have helped them to achieve their dance goals.

Dancing with the girls or your partner?

Dancing with the girls is the best fun ever

Genre of Music?

I’m very opened minded but motown is my ultimate favourite.

Who’s the better dancer, Beyonce or Lady Gaga?  

ooo! that’s a tricky one I think they are both great dancers.


Roni on being a model 

Height?  5ft inches 

Favourite body part?  My arms 

How long have you been modelling?  2 years 

Best part of the job? The thing I find best about being a model is it gives me confidence. 

Name a male model you respect?  I’m not sure but if I had to choose it would be Bjog.

Do you prefer to be naked or clothed? I‘m happy either way but starting off half clothed and then going naked is great as it keeps the group in suspense. They get a shock when the piercings are revealed! 

Best thing about working with Polestars?  Polestars is a fantastic company to work with they are very professional and honest. 





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