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Polestars teacher Patricia


Have long have you been teaching dance

7 years, during that time I have achieved many things which I’m proud of. I have my own studio and I also work closely with Polestars. 

What’s your favourite Polestar dance class?

Burlesque, the hens love this one it’s a really special class! Its my favourite because you can really make the moves reflect your personality. 

What is your main/side gig?

I’m a full time dance teacher and do a lot of my work in my studio. 

Best part of the job?

Getting to meet fun groups of people from all sorts of places and dancing with them – even if they have never danced before. It’s wonderful to see someone come in at the start of the class a little apprehensive and stiff only to totally transform by the end of the class. Sort of like a series of strictly but in two hours!

 Dancing with the girls or your partner?

Definitely with the girls, that’s just natural. 

What’s your favourite style of dance?

Flamenco without question

What would you say your favourite genre of music is? 

I definitely enjoy indie and rock music. 

Who’s the better dancer, Beyonce or Lady Gaga

This time I will have to say Lady Gaga! 


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