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Polestars teacher Mark


Height? Weight?

6 ft 0 inches  152 lbs

Favourite body part?

I have been told my bum is my best feature,  myself, I’m quite attached to all my body parts!

How long have you been modelling?

I started modelling in the summer of 2012

Best part of the job?

The first reactions of classes usually, especially when there are surprises.

Name a male model you respect?

I was lucky enough to be in the stadium to see Greg Rutherford in qualifying at the Olympics before winning the long jump gold medal.  It was great to see him reflecting the popularity of life drawing and raising money for charity by posing for a class recently.  As I’ve been in athletics myself, I certainly respect his achievement.  This might not quite count, but I don’t think many life models actually become famous !

What is your main/side gig?

I also work for myself as a sports therapist

Do you prefer to be naked or clothed?

That depends where I am, obviously I prefer being clothed in the supermarket!  But I enjoy being naked in the right circumstances.

Best thing about working with Polestars?

The interaction with the parties, both the guests and the tutor.  Seeing the hens enjoying themselves and having fun. It’s nice to be appreciated, maybe get a round of applause at the end and complimented sometimes as well!  Oh and the team in the office are great too.

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