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Have long have you been teaching dance? 

Approx 3 Years for Pole and a year or so doing the Burlesque and Cheer.

What’s your favourite Polestar dance class?

 Most definately Pole

What is your main/side gig? I’m an office worker so its good to get moving during Pole classes after being stuck behind a desk

Best part of the job? 

Having a great laugh with all the different hen parties whilst doing an activity i love.

Dancing with the girls or your partner?

 Got to be the Girls

What’s your favourite style of dance? 

As long as there is good music then i like any style of dancing, erm… except line dancing, I’m afraid that’s just not for me! 

Genre of Music?

 I like all music except Country. It depends on my mood but particularly like DnB, metal, RnB and funky stuff like James Brown

Who’s the better dancer, Beyonce or Lady Gaga?

 Beyonce, how she moves like that in those heels is beyond me.

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