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Have long have you been teaching dance? 
16 years
What’s your favorite Polestar dance class?
It`s a difficult one, I love them all and my fav changes depending on my mood, right now its the 80`s.
What is your main/side gig?
I have similar main job accompanied with working with people with disabilities/difficulties but also most interesting side job is Tarot/Psychic reader and advisor.
Best part of the job? 
meeting lots of different people
Dancing with the girls or your partner?
I’ve no partner even though enjoy dancing in a pair, so I`l have to say with the girls.
What’s your favourite style of dance?
Yet another difficult one to answer, fusion style dance:- for example:- burlesque combined with rock style.
Genre of Music?
I`m so varied in musical taste, its difficult to answer this in one, progressive rock,  psychedelic rock, hard and classic rock, funk rock, blues rock, jazz rock or fusion, disco and  soul/funk.
Who’s the better dancer, Beyonce or Lady Gaga? 



Life Tutors


Favourite body part?  chest 
Best part of the class? watching everyone have so much fun!
How long have you been a tutor? 2 years
Best pose for the model to hold during a class? macho man!

Fascinator Tutors

When did you first start being creative? In high school doing African Art in Art and design, but always had been drawn to the creative arts before then, because I went dance school I also took an interest in costumes and makeup. 
Favourite colour? purple
Favourite feather? ostrich
Best part of class?  Being able to be so creative and watch the customers create some wonderful fascinators that they are proud of.

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