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Taxidermy…a new craze to hit the hen market? Have a mice day!

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

Here at Polestars HQ, we’re forever squabbling about who is the trendiest character out of the lot of us. I was clearly in the lead after attending a Glow in the Dark BinGlo Night, (complete with readings from their resident clairvoyant.) Then our MD trumped us all by signing up to an Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy master class.

Mouse taxidermy

Now all the rage in East London, one can scamper over to Hackney City Farm to stuff one these furry little vertebrates, before displaying them as if they were engaged in human-like activities. Taxidermy students are encouraged to bring along miniature props or little clothes to set the scene for their new little pal. Although they only use feeder mice, which would have been discarded anyway if not sold for snakes and lizards to eat, you would still need a strong constitution.

Personally, I would jolly love to lay on a little Vintage Tea Party, complete with miniature cheese sandwiches for a giddy troupe of mice celebrating a hen party. You could even create tiny little fascinators for their Big Day!

Why stop with mice? If that doesn’t trap your interest then you could literally create a taxidermy Hen Party – complete with real female fowls!

Failing that, perhaps the creators of Sylvanian Families will branch out and purvey their own Bavarian Strip Bar, complete with pole dancing pandas!

PANDA photo

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