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Tassel Twirling Like A Pro

Posted by laura on October 17 2013.

tassel twirling


tassel twirling ? Now when we think of nipple tassels, it tends to conjure up images of seedy night clubs and slightly disappointing valentines gifts from old boyfriends. But over the last few years nipple tassels have been worn by some of the biggest names in pop from RiRi to Lady Gaga. They are now seen as an empowering accessory and if used correctly you’ll be able to dazzle friends and partners with a spectacular Burlesque spectacle.

As I’m sure you’re aware tassel twirling like a pro takes a lot of practice so if you and your hens want to become expert tassel twirlers why not invest in the shimmering, sexy pink heart shaped tassels and team-up with Burlesque lessons to help unleash your  inner minx.

By the time lesson has finished you’ll have all the moves allowing you to shimmy and shake in the privacy of your home until your technique is good enough to showcase in public (if you so wish!) or if you prefer, carry on the party at home, grab a glass of bubbly (or several) and have some serious giggles with the girls!

Tassel twirling tips

Here’s a few tried and tested top tassel twirling tips (try saying that after a few!) to get you started!

  • Use the right adhesive – You certainly don’t want a tassel to launching itself mid routine (this may give spectators more than they bargained  for!) so it’s important to buy a good double sided tape you can attach to the inside of the tassel, give yourself a quick shake and jump to check they’re firmly attached and you’re good to go!


  • Find Your rhythm – To get yourself a-twirling try standing with your feet together, bend your knees slightly and raise both arms in the air, push your chest forward slightly (yes, we know you might be feeling a little silly at this point but it’ll be worth it…promise!), Now, start bouncing on the balls of your feet, this will take a good few bounces to get in the rhythm but you should start to see your tassels going a go-go!


  • The Science part (yes, that’s right, science!) – Once you have your rhythm going put one arm down to make your tassels twirl in the same direction then try putting both arms down and your tassels should start twirling in the opposite direction form when you had your arms up….ah, good old physics!


  • Look em straight in the eye! – This is very important, if you look down at your amazing twirling talent then you will change your position and could end up with out of synch boobs, try practicing in front of a mirror to hone you very own cheeky routine!


Check out our amazing video teaching you all you need to know about tassel twirling

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