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Surviving Blue Monday

Posted by Wilson Drew on June 7 2017.

If you’re wondering why you’re feeling down today, it’s not just you. Across the globe people are waking up and working on what’s become known as Blue Monday. It happens on the third Monday on every year and is claimed to be one of the glummest days so far.

It’s reported to have been started as a P.R campaign by Sky Travel to encourage holiday bookings but academic Cliff Arnell states that there is a scientific reason why we feel down on this day. According to Arnell’s research it’s due to a nearly empty bank account, the bad weather, higher than normal divorce rates and a reminder of how many days it has been since the festive period.

If you’re feeling glum, why not try some of our suggestions to cheer yourself up.

Hangout with Friends

Psychological well-being has been linked to social networking. Spending some quality time with your close friends and it should sheer you and them up.

Friends beach

Take Advantage of the Sales

If you have any money left over you have our permission to treat yourself. This Christmas has seen slower sales than normal so there may be some deep discounts ready for you to snap up


Book a Holiday

Sun, sea and sand. Forget good old Blighty for a moment and book yourself a holiday that you’ll look forward to. Just thinking about getting away from it all should put a smile on your face.

Beach sun sea

Get some Vitamin D

If you can’t get away make sure you get some Vitamin D. Low levels can increase the chance of feeling glum. We naturally generate it when exposed to sunlight but with the sun taking its own vacation, you might want to boost your levels with supplements


Ditch Social Media

Everyone has pretty much become hard-wired into social media, everything you do, say or think can be documented and shared in one form or another. It can be stressful, time consuming and always on your mind. Cut yourself off, soak in a bath, forget the rest of the world exists.

Social Media Tree facebook instagram twitter

Listen to Music or Read

A great accompaniment to ditching social media, music or reading will take you to another world. Whether it’s your favourite album or your favourite novel, there’s nothing better to forget the world with.

Headphones music


Kansas University has found a distinct link between smiling and reduced heart rate and decreased stress levels. Even if you might not feel happy, smiling may just be the ticket to starting you on the road to happiness


Binge on Comedy TV

Whatever on-demand service you use, make sure the series you watch is comedy. Having a good laugh, helps to release all those happy brain chemicals.

Three Stooges

Eat Chocolate

Speaking of happy chemicals, phenylethlamine is believed to trigger a feeling of mild euphoria, similar to that when you experience love. Grab yourself some dark chocolate, anything else may just stick to your hips.


Grab a Blanket

Harvard University has found that regardless of how old you are, having physical contact with soft textures such as a blanket can make you feel confident, content and relaxed.

Blanket forest

 Our Ultimate Anti-Blue Monday Night

Take a vitamin D tablet and have a bath while listening to music. Get the girls over then ditch your phone when they arrive. Pass around the chocolate while you watch your favourite comedy series. Head online to do a little shopping and if your bank account can stretch to it, book your holiday. Who cares if it’s the most depressing day in the year so far, show it your smile and tell it that it will never bring you down!


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