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Surfing for Beginners

Posted by laura on November 20 2013.

Surfing for BeginnersSurfing for Beginners; on a cold April morning in Newquay after a night in one of the local campsites the brave Polestars team took a trip down to Fistral Beach in Newquay with the guys and girls from Adams Surfboards for a surf lesson. It was just a rehash of old skills for the rest of the team, but for me it was a totally new experience. I was scared!

Surfing for Beginners – Adams Surf School

Luckily we were all kept under the wing of Dave, Adams senior instructor who made sure we were relaxed and had his eye on us at all times. We went over some of the rules of the beach and warmed up. It was time to get into the freezing sea for my first surf and instead of worried or scared I felt fine and strangely confident. It was exciting!

We went through our technique and what we had to do in the water and then we got in. It was nowhere near as cold as I thought as the wetsuits we were provided with kept us warm. We ran through the drills and get to grips with what to do when a wave hits us and how to tackle the water. We then started catching waves, at first I didn’t stand up; we were told to feel the waves as they came behind us.

Surfing for Beginners – Phase Two of Training

We went through how to stand up and what movements and positions to adopt. This was made so easy and broken down into easy tips for us. I wondered why I hadn’t done this before! As we got in the waves started to get bigger and I started looking around to watch the other surfers out there, I didn’t realise that a huge wave was heading straight for me, the force of it would have dragged me under! All I saw was Dave jump on top of the board and pull me to safety. Luckily the Adams instructors all know exactly where you are at all times and have you covered in case anything could go wrong.

Surfing for Beginners – Time to Surf!

Now it was time to surf and we set up in front of the waves so we could catch them right, at first I was falling off all over the place, but after a quick pep talk on my technique and positioning I was catching the waves nearly every time and standing up! This was amazing, even though I was falling off after standing up I had a couple more pep talks with the instructors and I could safely ride my board into shore. Who would have thought that after a couple of hours you could achieve so much!

Surfing for Beginners – Surfing Superstar

It really was amazing; I had gone from a total beginner to a surfing superstar! (Well that’s what it felt like!) I couldn’t get enough of the surf and I will definitely be back for more. I’ve told all my friends about going to Newquay to go surfing and I can’t recommend it enough. The adrenaline rush of standing up is great and I can’t believe the guys at Adams managed to get me to that point in such a short amount of time especially as I’m rubbish at sport!

If you fancy a trip to Newquay, check out our surf page! We also have Coasteering or one of our specialist dance classes, so there is something for everyone.

Image Copyright Bengt Nyman

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